I’m back in school & backing out of a half marathon.

Back in School & Backing out of a Half Marathon

I went back to school this past Wednesday night.

I have school again this morning.

I’ll continue to go through Saturday, August 17.


Wednesday night after school, I made a decision.

I realized how close to: record, pause, stop, jump and bookmark my life currently feels.

Play along a minute.


Decision: I will not run the Park City, Utah Half Marathon in August. I have bookmarked running a half marathon until October, 2013. (See “jump”)


I’m in record-mode. I’m keeping meticulous track of my gut healing and symptoms surrounding my other battle. Both are critical right now.


I forget how important it is to pause, even during the busiest of days. What I currently need is inner reflection and embracing the moment, since so many things are on the horizon (personally and professionally). I need to put life on pause to spend time in my Bible and (finally) get to Bikram.


I need to stop adding things to my plate, and instead focus on finalizing those things I am most passionate about. I’m going radio silent here until my summer eats, treats & desserts ebook is available to purchase and until my nut butter line officially launches.


I’ve bookmarked a half marathon. After all, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon is only a few short months away. I can’t wait to jump into that race with my BFF, MK.

NWM 2013 I'm in! www.agutsygirl.com #Nike #Nikerunning

All of this to say, the real reason I’m not doing the Park City, Utah Half Marathon is because I graduate from school on August 17, and graduation day is providing me with something money simply cannot buy. No running event will be worth it. (And someday on here, I’ll be able to tell you all about this month of school. Well, the school part of it will be much less interesting to you than the why I went to school part.)

I’d also be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m wildly semi nervous about pain on that day as well. I’m hoping to have more sound answers by the time Nike rolls around.

Finally, somewhere there is a totally responsible child in me….with everything coming up, saving pennies seemed more important than struggling through a race I’m not so sure I was supposed to run.

And guess what? That’s okay.

We are not supposed to run every single race in life.

Life has its own race for us.

If you sit back to record, pause, stop, jump and bookmark, your vision will become much more clear and you’ll be able to run on life’s terms (not your terms) easier.

(Dang, school is really good for the mind.)


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  1. Good for you! We all need to know what’s best for us and our bodies, and when we don’t, our bodies will make it impossible to keep going. I applaud your decisions! I, too, am running in October so if you ever wanna do a run together, let me know. 🙂

  2. I had to back out of a half marathon last year and it was a wonderful decision that I never regretted. 🙂 So glad to hear you are going to be doing yoga. It truly is the best form of therapy for me and my mind and body. 🙂

  3. Wisest of moves. Living in DC metro area- so busy. Everyone on the go. Sometimes I feel “guilty” for not planning every moment of my day- but I have come to learn thru exp- I need to put myself first before anything- or – one. And that means chill out time for me!! It makes me feel all the more engaged in the activities I do participate in.

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