Hold the phones – today I’m sharing my gut health routine, and the ideas + concept behind how I want to share this with you.

Here’s how this all happened.

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of emails and IG DM’s surrounding questions like,

How can I achieve good gut health long-term?


What are simple habits / things you do from a lifestyle standpoint?

As I think through these questions, if you want the truth, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by them.

The reason is not that they are overwhelming in and of themselves but instead that I am forever exploring, learning, and trying new things for optimizing my gut and subsequently energy levels + overall life.

To the extent that what might work one month, no longer serves me the next.

But regardless, there are always things I’m loving, simple habits I’m adopting for the overall gut-friendly day, and ways I continuously go about thriving in my own life.

And I want to share them with you….pay close attention 🙂

Gut Health Routine (What’s in My Personal Tool Kit?)

Click HERE to save this massive information on the various gut health routine I keep.

Gut Health Routine (What's in My Personal Tool Kit) a series from A Gutsy Girl agutsygirl.com #gut #guthealth

In order to give you the best and most accurate information, you’re not going to find it ALL today.


Well, read what I said above again for reference — evolution towards optimal gut health.

However, what you can do are two things:

  1. Go to your bookmark tab and SAVE this post for later so you can come back to it on a monthly basis (when I’m most likely to update it). Alternatively, you can save THIS graphic for later to Pinterest as a reminder.
  2. Indulge in the first two round-ups for how I lead a healthy lifestyle and my gut health routine via the ‘What’s in My Bag: October’ + ‘What’s in My Bag: November’ editions below.

What’s in My Bag? January

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What's in my bag January edition Gut Health Routine (What's in My Personal Tool Kit) agutsygirl.com #gut

The name of the game for January, at least for me, is new goals, new inspiration, and ELEVATING.

​So let me share with you how I’m achieving all of that this month.


If you scroll below (to December), I shared my Eberlestock backpack. And then I mentioned, “I set my fitness goal for 2024, which I’ll share about next month.”

And here it is…..

I have just TWO fitness goals for all of 2024.

  1. 365 miles of rucking with 40 lb (equals about 1 mile per day; 7 per week)
  2. 10,000 pushups (28 per day; 193 per week)

I have my ruck pack + THIS walking treadmill.

With or without the gym, I’m set.

I have a Saturday workout group (we call it “Saturday Funday”) made up mostly of men (one other female), and in the group – I am inspired to become my very best​. We don’t just workout, but we also share great ideas, books, podcasts, all of it.

Over a year ago already, I was introduced to this concept of “Rucking.” And then, I just finished Michael Easter’s book, “The Comfort Crisis.”

Chapter 20 is titled: <= 50 Pounds. 

And this chapter is all about rucking = simply walking or hiking while carrying a weighted rucksack or backpack.

So, I became obsessed with this idea and the act of doing it (which I have been doing for over a year). It’s nothing like running and when I do it, my sympathetic nervous system does not get activated. AND YET….I am getting stronger.

The idea of doing 365 miles of rucking in 2024 is simply based on consistency. Staying consistent with something that is otherwise easy. As of January 9, 2024, I am already several miles in, and I cannot wait to keep going (I’d gather I’ll hit over 365 this year!)

If you are interested in the concept, and want to learn more, I recommend checking out Easter’s book and also the GoRuck website.

My One Word

As I have done every single year since 2012, I set a My One Word.

This year it’s ELEVATE.

I wrote about it HERE.

The January Project

Elevating your life is what ‘The January Project‘ is all about.

The first thing I’ll tell you about The January Project is that it’s not even about January.

It’s simply this idea,

We can start again, again.

It’s the idea that January 1st always has been and always will be that fresh start most desire.

Including me.

I LOVE January 1st.

And I LOVE Monday.

I LOVE the first day of every single month.

And the idea to feel inspired by a new challenge.

Perhaps this wasn’t always the case – when I was sick and miserable, but in my new era it certainly is the case.

My “January Project” for January is seeing myself to growth through microbial diversity and calming the central nervous system in order to gain more (and better) energy plus eliminate acne that crept up during October – December.

If you’re interested in starting your own January Project, you can see the concept + steps for it HERE.

Microbial Diversity

I am in the gut HEALTH not gut HEALING stage, and because of it, I am highly focused on microbial diversity.

For starters, HERE is how to achieve microbial diversity.

January was the perfect month for me to focus on good gut bacteria by adding in a variety foods (even though) I have completely removed many others (more on that below).

In my quest for optimal diversity, I have massively increased:

  • fiber-rich foods
  • high-quality fats
  • protein consumption

My gut microbes are loving the change and I know because the daily Bristol Stool Chart numbers are spot on (= 4’s across the board).

I love beneficial bacteria for optimal bowel movements, and THIS IS THE EXACT place I strive to get the entire Gutsy community to.

Probiotic-Rich Foods

To that end, my probiotic foods consumption has also increased. 

Here is what I’m eating:

  • Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi 
  • And yes, even kombucha (because I’m NOT drinking alcohol – see below!)
  • homemade 2-ingredient coconut yogurt

AND, I’m taking my probiotic every single day (mixed in with the “Detox Shake” – below) 

10-Day “Detox”

This is NOT a detox like you might be thinking.

I have shared EXACTLY what mine is and how I’m approaching it in Gut Healing: ELEVATED. If you want my food list for that, come join us 🙂

The basics:

  • no dairy
  • cut all gluten (except on Day 8 I added my organic, homemade sourdough back in)
  • no added sugars (and even cut certain fruits)
  • minimal coffee (I have 1/4- 1/2 cup per day and that’s it)
  • no eggs
  • alcohol free!

Additionally, I have one detox shake per day, which includes:

Oura Ring

I WISH I was sponsored by Oura ring, but I’m not – at all.

And yet, it was, by far, one of the best things I received for Christmas this year.

I’ve been wearing it 24/7 and believe that it’s truly a great way to get a grip on why I feel the way I do on a daily basis.

Probably the most eye-opening thing I’ve been tracking by wearing it is my sleep. 

October – December really messed up my sleep, and not getting enough sleep was contributing to all the things my January “January Project” has been addressing.

But the Oura ring is spot on. It’s helping me better understand patterns in a positive way. It’s also helping guide what my days look like. I can tell, from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning, what my sleep was truly like based on how I feel.

The Oura ring is confirming that, and I believe it’s one of the best tools you can invest in for overall wellness and monitoring of health.

Break Down

Finally, Break Down, which is our digestive enzyme has been changing not only my own life but hundreds of your lives as well.

The idea of obtaining optimal digestion is enhanced by supplementing with a digestive enzyme.

And I KNOW this is not a popular thought with everyone.

But, can I be super transparent with you?

Over the years, people have said this to me time-and-time again (regarding digestive enzymes)….

You shouldn’t rely on them…

What I actually heard was….blah, blah, blah.

Why? Because those people were not doctors and I’ve never had a functional practitioner that I’ve personally worked with tell me they aren’t effective and/or helpful for continued healing.

And, in fact, I’ve never met someone who has healed and is feeling fantastic that doesn’t, at the very least, still take them occasionally.

So, I got SUPER CONSISTENT (again) with Break Down and the results?! Astounding. 

Oftentimes optimal digestion includes more than a healthy diet; supplementing can be​ clutch.

If you want to learn all about this major digestion hack, you can HERE.

What’s in My Bag? December

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What's in my bag December edition Gut Health Routine (What's in My Personal Tool Kit) agutsygirl.com #gut

How is it already December? These last 3 months of the year have FLOWN by.

And I have been busy with all the things!

But I’m excited to share the items in my December bag.

LMNT Chocolate Medley

Okay, so the first thing I’m sharing today is the seasonal pack from LMNT. I’m constantly sharing about my love for these electrolytes, but right now (and only for a short time), the Chocolate Medley is available.

Here is what’s in this medley:

  • Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Chai
  • Chocolate Raspberry

Here’s what’s NOT: artificial sweeteners!

This is part of my good morning routine, every single day. Why? Because while I do have a glass of water, water alone is not enough – we need electrolytes and what’s better than no-sugar sugar coffee?!

Jewel’s Book, Never Broken

I just finished reading Never Broken by Jewel on Audible. And let me tell you was it ever good! 

I have always been a huge Jewel fan, and I knew bits and pieces of her story, but never like I learned while reading the book.

If you’re looking for a great new non-fiction read, I can 10/10 recommend this one.

Jewel Never Broken what's in my bag agutsygirl.com

Add this one to “things I’ve purchased (and LOVED!)

Increase Now

Now that I have finally added Increase Now to my supplement line at guthealingsupplements.com, I can ALSO FINALLY have my own HCl with me, in my bag, at all times!

I’ve made it very clear that most of my digestive issues came down to LOW stomach acid. So, HCl was a critical supplement I took (and still take today). 

Having adequate stomach acid for good motility was LIFE CHANGING for me and contributed to a healthy digestive system. 

Honestly? I can’t believe it took me this long to add the supplement to my line. I KNOW it’s going to change lives!

If you’re curious about stomach acid, HERE is more information + how to do the at-home stomach acid challenge.

Use code BLOG at checkout to save 15% off Increase Now today!

How to Take HCl the stomach acid challenge with A Gutsy Girl agutsygirl.com


This is a bag in and of itself and I am obsessed.

I set my fitness goal for 2024, which I’ll share about next month! 

Part of it, though, uses this bag I purchased in 2023 and use all the time. 

I traded in long runs for physical activity that was less taxing on my body but yet proved to have far higher results for overall fitness.

Daily Harvest: Pasta


Yes, Daily Harvest now has a pasta option and it’s so good!

In THIS video I’m eating the White Bean + Spinach Pesto and the reason I love this so hard is:

  1. ​It tastes great and
  2. Variety – there is a diverse amount of ingredients in the meal, which the gut microbiota loves

Besides, it’s gluten free and allows you to still enjoy pasta!

You can save up to $65 off your 1st box with code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout HERE.

Kettle & Fire

Speaking of “pasta,” Kettle & Fire (my fave packaged bone broth company) just came out with some new varieties of soups. 

The ones I’ve had include:

  1. Lentil & Vegetable Hearty Soup
  2. Chicken & Ancient Grain Hearty Soup
  3. Vegetable & Quinoa Hearty Soup

Because we are creatures of habit in our house, the typically meal includes:

  1. broth
  2. meat
  3. veggies; plant foods
  4. carb of sorts; whole grains, sweet potatoes, etc.

And with these new varieties, it’s all right there – gut-friendly foods perfectly warm for the colder months.

Use code ‘AGUTSYGIRL’ at checkout to save 20% from Kettle & Fire HERE.

The Winter Scene

In order to reduce stress levels through the holiday season (super important, ladies!), one thing I did was decorate our house for a winter scene vs. overwhelming myself with Christmas decorations galore!

I got a few simple items this year in natural wood, and I’m obsessed. 

Furthermore, I did not do a traditional tree with 1,000 ornaments. We kept it simple. Check this out!

Winter Scene agutsygirl.com

Cliganic USDA Organic Lip Balm Set

And last, but certainly not least, I got this new chapstick from a company called Cliganic.

It’s a set of 6, and I’m totally digging it!

I purchased this on Black Friday, and because I love it so much I did add it to my Amazon Storefront HERE.

These fit perfectly in my bag PLUS they could be awesome holiday gifts and/or stocking stuffers.

What’s in My Bag? November

November is here and by the time November comes each year, I’m considering overall health in order to really prime my immune system for a long and cold season ahead.

So when I think about November, I start the focus there and add other things that delight me around it.

What's in my bag November edition Gut Health Routine (What's in My Personal Tool Kit) agutsygirl.com

Paleovalley Essential C Complex

When I actually got the C-virus, I was using THIS. It’s an Essential C Complex. So, I figured it if worked then, it’s going to be key now as well.

The Essential C Complex contains not one but three of the most concentrated natural sources of vitamin C: amla berry, camu camu berry, and unripe acerola cherry. Each nutrient-packed serving delivers 750% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C – an amount meant to help you thrive, not just survive.

I’m a huge fan of the work Paleovalley is doing, and I love supporting other gut-first focused brands.

Culture Pop Soda

This was my go-drink during Sober October, and now I’m hooked. 

Here are the two main reasons I’m loving it so much:

  1. There is NO Stevia in it. I hate alternative sodas that use Stevia because I can always​ taste it, and it’s way too strong for me personally.
  2. It also contains unique & delicious combinations of honest ingredients with live probiotics to aid in the health of your gut.

LMNT: Chocolate Caramel

LMNT just announced that their Chocolate Caramel flavor is here to stay

Last month I told you about the Chocolate Salt, but if you want an even more robust flavor in your coffee, consider this one. 

I skip the sugar in my coffee and choose this instead.

Book: The One Thing

​The first time I heard about this book was on Rachel Hollis’ podcast. But because she talks about it all the time, I figured it must be good!

So, I got myself an Audible account (yes, I’m waaaayyyyyy behind the times), and purchased The One Thing as my first read.

It’s already having a major impact on how I go about my days.

Healthy Morning Routine

One thing I am finding harder and harder to do is get my daily workout into my daily routine.

So, I started ensuring I’d get it in by simply making it part of my (almost) everyday morning routine.

I’ve been going to the gym at 6am on a regular basis now, and am loving how it sets me up for the rest of my day without me having to fit in the workout “at some point during the day.”

Tummy Soothe

Though Tummy Soothe was in my October bag, I cannot talk about the best way for helping aid in the immune system without including this. 

Tummy Soothe is something I take every single day and, in fact, take a little extra of this time of year. If you want a happy gut, you’ll ensure you get your IgG, too! 

Gut Lining Bundle guthealingsupplements.com #gut #guthealth

Create your STRONGEST gut lining with A Gutsy Girl’s ‘Gut Lining Bundle.’

Toothpaste Tablets in Bamboo Tubes

If you’ve never listened to my podcast episode about the oral microbiome with Dr. Jim Ellis, I strongly suggest it.

Anyways, his company, Oral Care Club just launched these and they are brilliant. Plus, how easy is this to pop your bamboo tube filled with toothpaste tablets right in your purse?!

Here is what Dr. Jim had to say about this brand new product:

You see all these cool videos online of people going out into the ocean and scooping up plastic or planting trees in deforested areas, etc. etc. But this is something that honestly can make a big difference and it’s such an easy switch. People buy these three products every day already. They just need to buy different ones.

Dr. Jim Ellis

Indoor Succulent Farm

If you follow my Instagram stories, you know just how obsessed I am with succulents.

The only problem is that when you live in Minnesota, you can’t keep them outside year round.

So, I decided to take my rather large collection of succulents that I’ve been caring for and loving on hard and bring them indoors.

In addition, I’m creating an indoor succulent farm of sorts in our loft and re-doing the entire space to be conducive for their survival.

I cannot wait to show you the finished space!

Vitamin D

No one gets through an immune conversation without mentioning Vitamin D. 

It is imperative to focus on Vitamin D for the Gutsy community from both a gut and immune standpoint.

I take THIS D3 + K2, and the D3 gives 5,000 IU’s.

All Things Sourdough

There are 3 main sourdough items we have on repeat at our house currently:

  1. Sourdough Skillet
  2. the bread, basic Sourdough bread
  3. Sourdough Brownies

Sourdough is not like other loaves of white bread purchased at the grocery store.

It’s made with a lot of love and care; good bacteria for a healthy gut microbiome.

If you want to learn about everything Sourdough related, check out THIS article I wrote.

Ahara Dinacharya

The new, improved, and updated version of my gut healing journaling system will release in November!

My goal is that it’s ready to ship by Black Friday.

It’s called: Ahara Dinacharya, and I cannot wait​ to get it in your hands.

p.s. This updated version has medications and supplement trackers included.

What’s in My Bag? October

Here are the things you’ll find in my bag for October.

Along with the items below, I’ve shared my why, in case you have a similar why and want to explore more for yourself.

What's in my bag October edition Gut Health Routine (What's in My Personal Tool Kit) agutsygirl.com #gut #pumpkinspice


This month I’m traveling from MN (where I live) to Arizona (my fave place on Earth, Sedona). Therefore, a traveling snack is a must-have. I loathe buying things from the airport because, even if you find gut-healthy options, they are so expensive.

Paleovalley Pumpkin Spice Superfood Bar

These are seasonal, and only available for a limited time. They are the best of fall in a bar without any unnecessary ingredients.


This October, I am doing sober October. Honestly? First time in my life doing this challenge. And guess what? I even own a bar! In other words, if I can do it, so can you. I’ll be drinking plenty of water and some kombucha, maybe a fancy mocktail or two and always coffee with the Chocolate Salt LMNT.

LMNT Chocolate Salt

This is, hands down, my favorite all-time flavor from LMNT because it’s simple and versatile and goes in my morning cup of Joe on the daily.


The two supplements I’m most focused on this month are Tummy Soothe + probiotics. This is: 1] because of the traveling and 2] because cold and flu season is approaching rapidly.

Tummy Soothe

Tummy Soothe fosters a healthy inflammatory response in the GI tract and supports the intestinal barrier to help fight off antigens, boost digestive function and create a protective barrier within the digestive tract. 

Just Thrive Health Probiotic

My WHY for this probiotic includes the (main) following: Arrives 100% alive in your gut for maximum impact, 1000x better survivability vs. leading probiotics, contains the most well-researched, DNA-verified strains, supports digestive, immune, and total-body health, beats bloat, gas, constipation, and diarrhea, and it is clinically-proven to address Leaky Gut in just 30 days


There are several things I do every single month for de-stressing and calming the mind. This month I’m focused on journaling out gratitude daily, and making a list of 10 dreams for my ideal life.

Here are some tools I’m using to accompany.

101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think

I SWEAR by this book. It is so, so good. I’ve already gotten through some of it, but my goal is to finish it.

Start Today Podcast

Rachel Hollis re-started her Start Today brand, and the podcast to accompany it. In October, I’m going to a LIVE Rachel Hollis event, so I’m currently soaking up all her thoughts and resources.


I’m definitely not getting any younger. In case you didn’t know, I’m 40! And lately, I’ve really been into skincare, trying new things, and seeing what works + moves the needle.

Mad Hippie Facial

I’ve been using this one for a long time, and I absolutely love it. I wanted to highlight it for this month because the jar is small (but mighty) so it can easily travel with me to Arizona.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C & Turmeric Face Oil

This is a new-to-me product that I’m excited to test out. I’m mostly curious about the turmeric aspect of it.

Master Gutsy Spreadsheet resource for gut healing journey agutsygirl.com

Free Download

Get access to the ‘Master Gutsy Resource Spreadsheet,’ which houses hundreds of product recommendations curated by A Gutsy Girl for free!

If you like this type of information on gut health routine, you might also enjoy:

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  3. All About the Just Thrive Probiotic Supplements

Disclosure: All opinions started here are 100% my own. I appreciate your support, as this compensation helps with expenses to keep this website up and running, and for me to continue sharing all that I can with you. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 


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