If you’re bloated, chances are you’ve also questioned, “How long until I lose weight?”

It’s a very loaded scenario that I want to work through with you today.

Bloat and Weight Loss

The most important thing I can tell you today, all other things aside is this —

BLOAT and WEIGHT are not the same things. 

But in my 40+ years on Earth I am a firm believe they both have an inflammation component.

You can be bloated and have zero actual pounds to lose.

And you can be told you have weight to lose, but not be experiencing any bloat.

Bloating and body weight don’t necessarily have a direct correlation.

HOWEVER, due to inflammation, you can have one or both. And if you do, then you feel miserable.

That’s what I’m here to help you understand more about today.

Set Point Theory

I’ve talked about the Set Point Theory over-and-over on both my website and in the various resources I use to teach women how to get rid of bloat and arrive at a healthy weight.

But what exactly is it?

Well, the Set Point Theory is a concept whereas our weight is established early in life and remains relatively stable unless altered by specific conditions. (source

It also helps explain why, when we engage with fad diets and experience rapid weight loss but then return to old eating patterns, the weight comes back.

And the reverse is also true; when there is a significant increase in weight gain due to unwanted factors, this weight can shed when the body is given what it needs.

And the Set Point Theory has everything to do with you researching, “How long until I lose weight?” because the truth of the matter is that almost any weight loss program on the market that is intended for immediate weight-related physical changes can absolutely get you to that finish line in whatever time frame it promises.

But the bigger question at hand should be…..

How can I achieve long-term weight loss (IF that’s truly what your body needs for health benefits) while also ensuring my overall health is at peak performance?

I’m a Prime Example

I’ve been on both ends of the weight equation when I was not at my personal “set point.”

In high school and in my early twenties I lost weight, toggling anywhere between 110 pounds – 118 pounds. The way I did this was:

  • through massive calorie deficit
  • insane activity level

During my early college years I gained weight, toggling anywhere between 135 – 145 pounds. The way I did this was:

  • poor eating habits; living off highly-process dorm food
  • massive calorie intake
  • a lot of alcohol

And in BOTH cases, I was massively ill.

  • I had no muscle mass
  • There was zero focus on lifestyle changes
  • My health conditions list kept growing (diagnosed with SIBO, IBS, leaky gut, infertility, Colitis, Perioral Dermatitis)
  • Energy levels tanked

Today I am 41.

My current weight is exactly where I should be. There is ZERO bloating – ever – even when I eat the foods I once deemed “off limits.”

I have no reasons to see any sort of gastrointestinal doctor (in fact, I rarely go to the doctor period). And I NEVER engage in ANY diet. None. Not at all.

I do not:

  • count the number of calories I eat – EVER
  • track macros
  • step on a scale or get my body fat tested
  • set weight loss goals or participate in any sort of crash diets
  • engage with HIIT workout after HIIT workout

So let me help you break this down for your own circumstances.

How Long Until I Lose Weight?

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How Long Until I Lose Weight and bloat agutsygirl.com

In this article, I’m assuming only ONE thing — THAT you need to LOSE weight in order to hit your set point.

​Reasons for this could include:

  • SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and/or Irritable Bowel Syndrome and/or Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • any sort of general whole-body inflammation
  • yo-yo dieting that ultimately lead stalled weight loss efforts
  • personal, deeply rooted emotions and sadness
  • not correctly understanding food; food intake and/or food intolerances/allergies

Of course there are many other reasons for why you might be gaining unwanted weight:

  • insulin resistance
  • medications you’re taking for various medical conditions
  • hormonal changes
  • etc.

So, from the above, the thousands of women I have worked with worldwide over the past decade+ fall into my first category of reasons.

And here’s the answer:


That is literally all I did. 

No fancy medical advice.

Zero weight management strategy sessions.

No more aerobic exercise. 

So now you have the background and you have the answer.

But then what?

HOW are you supposed to do this?

Well, I have that, too (remember, I have already helped thousands of women worldwide over the past decade+).

Quick Gut Detox

You want faster weight loss, but you also want to do it in the best way possible.

So I created a system for getting you exactly the jumpstart you need without engaging with fewer calories or losing too much weight in a short-period of time (remember: that will not achieve your set point in the long term).

And it’s based off my very first signature program, A Gutsy Girl’s Bible: a 21-day approach to healing the gut.

It’s for the woman who is healing, while slimming down, reducing bloat, and still able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures (aka food!)

This method helps women who….

Want something Gut-Focused:

  • Have been told you have IBS, SIBO or another gut-centric condition
  • Have engaged in strict templated diets like ‘Paleo,’ ‘low-FODMAP,’ ‘Keto,’ ‘Vegan,’ etc.
  • Constantly complaining of bloating, fluid retention, acne, fatigue, and more
  • Are sensitive to gluten, dairy, soy, etc.

Honestly, it’s my personal belief that everyone – no matter what – should desire the gut-focused approach.

Everything stems from the gut, and I’ve been saying this for over a decade – long before it ever became the trend it is today.

And who seem to be gaining weight yet:

  • Are health-conscious, thinking you’re ‘doing all the right things,’ but still not seeing results
  • Are spending countless hours on the elliptical at the gym only leaving you feeling more misery with the scale creeping up
  • Are going through perimenopause, menopause or postmenopause
  • Cannot control the sugar cravings

Here’s How it Works

I want you to understand exactly how this works so that you feel empowered to make the changes you’ve so desperately been seeking.

1. The First Three

You’ll start with a three day ‘reset,’ which is done in combination with the 21 day program as a whole.

Three days, or 72 hours, allows most things to filter through the body.

Your microbiome has the ability to quickly recover from anything and everything thrown at it. This resilience means changes within months, weeks, or even days.

In fact, the average lifespan of a bacterium in your microbiome is 20 minutes – a very short period.

And therefore, when it comes to a detox program, even a SANE one (which is the only one I think most people should engage with), three days is the prime number to start with.

Even in three days, you will see positive effects. And on top of that it is perfectly doable!

A small commitment to get you started on your journey to feeling your best and having energy levels return.

2. ….and the full 21-day approach

This is the bread and butter of the Quick Gut Detox program. 

With it, you’ll get my full book A Gutsy Girl’s Bible: a 21- day approach to healing the gut that is complete with your 21-day journey, daily actions to take + journal prompts, and 100+ food creations for you to use and include as part of your own daily plan.  

And listen, I already know what you’re thinking about the food part — I just don’t have the time to make complicated recipes. 

Good news, I don’t either.

I’m a mom to an 8, 9, and 10-year old, dog mom to a Great Dane and Peekepoo, wife to 1, owner of A Gutsy GirlThyme on Main, and the Refinery 507 (YES! An actual kitchen + cocktail bar which is no small undertaking). 

So if you think I just sit around and spend countless hours in the kitchen as part of my daily routine, you would be incorrect 🙂

All my recipes I’ve deemed Creations vs. Recipes because they are practical, approachable, and 100% customizable.

3. Track it!

During the 21 days, you’ll keep track of what you’re doing – what you’re eating, how you’re feeling, what your sleep is like, and any activities you’re doing.

And you’ll do this using my gut healing journaling SYSTEM that I personally created during my own healing journey.

This information will be golden for you. It’s a food diary on steroids, and the best on the market for any and all gut health and food elimination diet journaling. Pinky swear!

4. ….but you’ll EAT

And I will help you navigate what that looks like. You’ll have access to 100+ Creations that you can easily tailor for YOU and the journey YOUR on.

All Creations are free from inflammatory-promoting foods. They are gluten and dairy free BUT super delicious.

PLUS, we don’t count calories or put a restriction on them. Your GOAL is not to eat less in order to become less; it’s to EAT RIGHT in order to feel YOUR best.

5. Cravings fade + you see RESULTS

Compared to all other generalized ‘weight loss’ and ‘gut healing’ plans out there, this one will make it easy for you to stick with and achieve…..

Because it fills your belly and cravings.

Quick Gut Detox with A Gutsy Girl agutsygirl.com

join now!

Quick Gut Detox

Reduce bloat and normalize weight by getting out of the start-and-stop “gut healing” cycle. In just 21 short days, you’ll be light years ahead of where you’re at today.

So How is This Different Than Any Other Weight Loss Plan Out There?


Because it was NEVER intended to be a ‘weight loss plan.’

Losing the unwanted weight was just a massive benefit that early-adopters of the A Gutsy Girl’s Bible: a 21-day approach to healing the gut saw.

But after clients were seeing the weight-loss benefits (read Heather’s 13-pound weight loss story HERE), I realized something that was critical — optimal weight was the side effect of a flourishing gut.

Here are just some of the differences….

Traditional weight loss plans….

  • NEVER consider the gut
  • Leave you starving
  • Require complicated recipes with too many ingredients and steps
  • Don’t allow you to understand what’s truly causing the gut inflammation and weight gain
  • Celebrate less is more

A Gutsy Girl’s 21-day approach: Quick Gut Detox

  • The GUT is the focus; and I’m the original A Gutsy Girl (I was talking about and focusing on gut healing long before it became the trend it is today!)
  • Allows you to eat freely
  • Focuses on Creations vs. ‘Recipes’
  • Gives you the tools and education for the long term
Quick Gut Detox with A Gutsy Girl agutsygirl.com

Time to Ask the RIGHT Questions

Instead of wondering “How long until I lose weight?” I’m inviting​ you into the RIGHT questions today:

  •  How can I get past this slump I’m currently in?
  •  What’s the way for breaking free from the endless bloating cycle?
  •  How can I lose the weight without surviving on chicken breasts and my other 5 foods I currently deem “safe?”
  •  When and how can I let go of hours at the gym?
  •  How can I stop seeking out lists upon lists of foods for reducing bloating and constipation?
  •  Where will I find more energy than I knew possible?

If NOW is the time for you to feel empowered to make the decisions that are right for you — then I’m inviting you into the Quick Gut Detox where we make healthy weight cool, say sayonara to bloat, and help heal and seal the gut lining so that everything starts (naturally) falling into place.

I mean, isn’t this the goal in the first place?

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between exhaustive trying and just being, just living. And once you personally experience that difference your life will never (ever) be the same.

….but How Much Will This Cost Me?

I have asked hundreds of women who have had success with my plan what they would pay to do it all over again. While most responded, “Priceless,” the figures ranged anywhere from $300 – $500.

But, I wanted to keep this incredibly affordable for all – to make it a no-brainer to join so that you would be able to finally take the action you’ve been wanting to take – to finally be the last time you’d ever have to buy a “diet” or “gut-healing” method.

My price on ALL of this is a fraction of what you’d spend with any ONE HOUR of time with a practitioner…

The Quick Gut Detox is only $59…..but only for a limited time for Founding Members (then the price will increase!)

You also get LIFETIME ACCESS, which is unheard of. I can’t tell you how many women go through the program, see results, and then come back to it time-and-time again for elevated success and more fine-tuning.

I am so excited to personally witness your own ah-ha moments within the program….

See you there!

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Xox, SKH

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