There are 75 leaky gut diet recipes in The Leaky Gut Meal Plan.

And because there are so many, I’ve often been asked these two questions:

  1. What are your personal favorite recipes from the book?
  2. Which recipes would you recommend on a leaky gut healing diet mixed with another (more stringent) diet? For a little more context on this one, people will ask, “If I’m following your book and also a low-FODMAP diet, which recipes should I choose?

Okay, so let’s move into this all today so I can help you navigate what’s best for you.

Leaky Gut Diet Recipes

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Leaky Gut Diet Recipes #leakygut #leakygutdiet

Top 9 Personal Favorite Leaky Gut Diet Recipes

Though there are 75 recipes in the book, not all of them are included in the official The Leaky Gut Meal Plan: 4 Weeks to Detox and Improve Digestive Health meal plan.

And actually, I love this because it allows more flexibility when choosing how to set up your meal plan.

So for the sake of me sharing my top 9 personal favorite leaky gut diet recipes, I’ll let you know whether it’s a recipe included in the actual 4-week meal plan or not.

Also, there are 9 favorites because I chose one from each of the 8 sections. Then, I cheated and added another since soups and salads are categorically lumped together.


  1. Beef Bone Broth. This is a foundational recipe, and is included in the 4-week meal plan. 
  2. Eggs and Greens Buddha Bowl. You’ll find this recipe in the breakfast section, and it is included in the 4-week meal plan.
  3. Vegetable Chowder. This recipe is found in the soups and salads section, and it is included in the 4-week meal plan.
  4. Sage and Thyme Roasted Chicken and Vegetables. Starting on page 91 is where you’ll find all poultry items. This is one of them, and it is included in the 4-week meal plan.
  5. Salmon Patties. This is in the seafood section, and it is included in the 4-week meal plan. 
  6. Honey-Ginger-Garlic Beef Stir-Fry. Starting on page 115 you’ll find the beef and pork items. For those of you who love something meatier, you’ll love this one (and the rest in this section). This one is also in the 4-week meal plan.
  7. Maple-Balsamic Vinegar-Roasted Carrots. This can be found in the vegetables and sides section, but it is not included in the official 4-week meal plan. And that’s really sad because this recipe is so dang good!
  8. Banana-Coconut Cream Pudding. Obviously this one is dessert! There are only 5 (vs 10) dessert recipes. This is one of them, and it’s not only good, but also healing. You could have this for snack or even breakfast. Tragically, this one is also not included in the official 4-week meal plan.

Bonus: Okay, I lied. I had to add an extra one because soups and salads were combined. The Mandarin Orange Salad is so good. It is not, however, included in the official meal plan.

Leaky Gut Diet Recipes #leakygut #leakygutdiet recipes

28-Days of Emails Sent Directly to You

If you have my 28-day leaky gut e-course to accompany the book, you’ll find full information on which recipes are not on the official 4-week meal plan and which week you could incorporate them in email #27.

For example, the Banana-Coconut Cream Pudding can be enjoyed anytime from week 1 on.

Note: Even if you do not have the book, you’re still going to extract a ton of helpful information from the 28-day course. The 28-day course will definitely inspire you to grab a copy of the book, though.

And as always, if you are food and lifestyle journaling along with it, your healing will happen even faster.

Leaky Gut Diet Recipes (for almost anyone)

Next up, “Which recipes would you recommend on a leaky gut healing diet mixed with another (more stringent) diet?”

Okay, this one is super tricky which is why I’m trying to create a resource for our community to help you navigate diet in general.

Of the recipes contained within the book, here are the ones that would generally be regarded as good for anyone, whenever.

  1. Vegetable Broth
  2. Chicken Bone Broth
  3. Beef Bone Broth
  4. Autoimmune Paleo Bread
  5. Coconut Yogurt
  6. Lemon-Garlic Scallops with Sautéed Swiss Chard
  7. Soothing Golden Latte
  8. Blueberry Jel
  9. On-the-Go Turkey Breakfast Muffins
  10. Baked Lemon-Pepper Chicken Drummies
  11. Sage and Thyme Roasted Chicken and Vegetables
  12. Lemon-Pepper Tuna
  13. Lemon and Dill Broiled Salmon
  14. Maple-Balsamic Vinegar-Roasted Carrots
  15. Banana-Coconut Cream Pudding

But even still, some of you may have issues that prevent you from enjoying them exactly as I have written the recipe.

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Leaky Gut Diet Recipes #leakygut #leakygutdiet #leakygutrecipes #guthealth

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