Did you know that gut healing doesn’t work if you kind of work?

What happens when you “diet all week” and “binge all weekend” on booze and junk foods?

Besides killing your immune system and messing with your hormones, you only kind-of-sort-of get results (assuming “losing weight” is your goal result).

Gut Healing Doesn’t Work if You Kind of Work

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Gut Healing Doesn't Work if You Kind of Work agutsygirl.com #guthealth #guthealing #ibsWeek 1: Healing

Week 2: Healing

Monday Morning Bone Broth Chat sarahkayhoffman.com

  • a 30-day 100-billion probiotic (post- 7-day 200-billion probiotic)
  • homemade broth (still)
  • workouts (still)
  • adequate sleep (still)
  • journaling (still)
  • drinking a little more water than last week (~ 4 c./day more)
  • juicing 
  • a little fiber (mostly from a couple handfuls of spinach for dinner at night and random bits and pieces of juice pulp)
  • vitamin c
  • magnesium
  • more juice from fermented veggies and fermented veggies in general
  • lemon and ginger
  • HCL
  • enzymes
  • no more “die-off symptoms” (die off is super hard at first), but I’m embracing it and giving in to it when/if it comes around again

Are you exhausted yet from reading all of this? (It’s not completely all-inclusive, either.)

Sit Down, Let's Chat Over Broth sarahkayhoffman.com We Create the life we live

My brilliant, inspirational friend said to me yesterday:

Most people just go through life feeling physically crappy and have no idea that food, booze, ciggys, donuts are the cause. Keep going girl, the answers are out there.  Search and destroy.

You Have to Put in the Work

She reminded me about what I know which is that….

Gut healing doesn’t work if you kind of work.

It’s like anything in life, and for me this kind-of-sort-of just wasn’t an option any longer.

Everyone always says that their gut is a mess.

They have “no idea why.”

Well I do know why.

It’s blunt, but it’s the truth.

They are only kind-of-sort-of working….and at the end of the day, that just doesn’t work.

Did you know that strictly adhering to gut healing can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years (on the high end if you have Colitis/Crohn’s/other IBD)?

As long as the “bad” bacteria sits in the gut, you’ll never fully heal. And guess what all that “bad” bacteria loves to feed off of? That’s right…..your “kind-of-sort-of” working ways. And guess what else? These “kind-of-sort-of” ways also include so many of the products you think are “healthy.” 

My treadmill was kind-of-sort-of working. I was working hard, but I was not going anywhere.

Don’t believe me? This was July 3, 2013, just a couple weeks ago….

Gut Healing Doesn't Work if You Kind of Work #Guthealing with www.agutsygirl.com

The open road is *much, much, much* more difficult.

But I’m no longer a kind-of-sort-of worker.

I’m truly healing.

I own this job.

I’m searching, and I’m destroying.

p.s. This post was written in 2013. In 2014, after putting in all the work and never stopping to find the answers, I learned I had SIBO. In 2018, my Colonoscopy and Endoscopy came back clear. Today I’m thriving.

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Gut Healing Doesn't Work if You Kind of Work www.sarahkayhoffman.com #guthealth #guthealing #digestion #healthyliving #motivation

How is that working for you? Ask yourself these 6 questions. via www.agutsygirl.com #quote #motivation #inspire

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  1. Hi Sarah, I guess I am that one taken spot!
    Yep, I did it last night before I dozed off. I thought about it over and over it again because it is quite a bit of money for only a graduate student.
    But I need this and I know you can help.
    I got some blood work done two weeks ago and it showed no gluten intolerance, only inflammation.
    Maybe I do just have IBS but I still want to avoid gluten due to having thyroid issues.
    Anyways I need help, and that’s why I signed up. I know with your guidance I will be successful.
    I want to stop stressing about this. This leads me to having more than a few spoonfuls out of my jar of homemade almond butter.Yes, I tend to overeat which is another issue I’m struggling with. Which makes me more bloaty because of the indigestion. And so my relationship with food becomes worse.
    On top of that my avid exercise routine has gone away because I pulled/strained my psoas. I can’t do much right now.
    I am tired of all this. So I am seeking help. I am going to start therapy about my eating habits.
    I am going to focus on yoga to heal my body.
    And in September I want to heal my gut with you. I reflected enough. I wrote in a journal. I am ready.
    Thanks Sarah, you are truly amazing.

    PS can’t wait for the kombucha tutorial. My friend and I are ready to brew!

    1. You have hit your breaking point, Alejandra. When it’s time, it’s time. I am so proud of you for taking it into your own hands. You will learn so much:) xo

  2. I am unable to juice…I just don’t know what to actually eat…can u please tell me ideas? I HONESTLY am at witts end 🙁

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