Today we are sharing your gut health podcast playlist.

But it’s not just any playlist; it’s a playlist that was curated just for you.

Recently, I announced that the A Gutsy Girl podcast would be coming to an end in October, 2023.

In case you missed that episode, here you go:

100th Episode

But also today marks the 100th episode of the A Gutsy Girl podcast, so I wanted to be sure to have something extra special ready for you – something that you’d also be able to have once the show wraps up.

And that is a custom podcast playlist that you create.

Gut Health Podcast Playlist (Episode 100, Bites #36)

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Episode 100: Show notes

Gut Health Podcast Playlist

Episode 100 on the ‘A Gutsy Girl‘ podcast: Your Personalized Gut Health Playlist (Episode 100, Bites #36). Looking for a gut health +/or gut healing podcast playlist that you create? I have it for you today!

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In this Episode we cover:

  • The questions that will lead you to your perfect A Gutsy Girl podcast playlist
  • What the 7 playlists consist of

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More about our Podcast

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