We have lived in California for 6 years.

Up until my 30th birthday this past February, my dad had never come to visit.

I asked each year when my mother made her trek out if he would please for the love of God come, too.

And then it finally happened, as a surprise, for my 30th birthday.

I could not have been more excited!

Mom and Dad, my 30th

My dad is a quiet, humble and honest man.

They say I resemble him, but I am nothing like him….on a day-to-day basis anyways.

I can only PRAY to be half the amazing he is.

My dad inspires me to be the REAL, authentic me always. He helped me realized that, “I am enough” a few years back.

He inspires me to stop for a moment and take in all the simple things.

He inspires me to sleep more (<– ha ha, dad….that’s supposed to be funny).

He inspires me to continuously treat people with kindness and respect.

He inspires me to never forget where I came from and the people who care the most about me in life.

I am so thankful for my dad…..today and every single day.

Love you, dad. Happy Father’s Day!


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