It’s official – I am enrolled at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition!

When I say I’m going to do something I do it!

The first time I said I was going to do this was on New Year’s Eve, 2010. Fast-forward 7 months, and I am all enrolled.

My program starts September 12, 2011.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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I could not even contain myself when I saw this list of classes in the library that are available upon becoming a student (take a deep breath before reading this awesome-ness!):

  • 100 Year Lie: Synergy Of Food with Randall Fitzgerald
  • Adding Supplements Into Your Health Counseling Practice with Maria Disalvo
  • Atkins Diet with Colette Heimowitz
  • Balanced Approach with Jennifer Workman
  • Holistic Gynecology with Helene Leonetti, MD
  • Body Ecology Diet with Donna Gates
  • Building Your Ideal Business with Mark Rudin
  • A Career In Health with Mike Adams
  • The China Study with T. Colin Campbell, PhD
  • Chocolate with Joshua Needleman
  • Counseling Children with Beth Oden
  • Community-Based Food Systems with Bryant Terry
  • Diet For Fertility with Jorge Chavarro, MD
  • Digestion Focus Class Series with Lynn Goldstein, MS, RD, CDN
  • Eat for Health with Joel Fuhrman, MD
  • Emotional Freedom Technique with Steve Munn
  • Energetics of Food with Steve Gagné
  • Enzymes and Probiotics with Lynn Goldstein, RD
  • Face Reading and Visual Diagnosis with Simon Brown
  • Fermentation with Sandor Katz
  • Food and Mood with Julia Ross
  • Get Published Now with Michael Ellsberg
  • Getting the Love You Want with Harville Hendrix
  • Gluten Intolerance with Chris Sandy
  • Grant Writing with Diana Patton
  • Health Disparities in America with Wendy Battles
  • Holistic Skin Care with Cathy Wong, ND
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Randi Cestaro

  • The Jungle Effect with Daphne Miller, MD
  • Living Foods for Optimum Health with Brian Clement, PhD
  • Love And Relationships with Daphne Kingma
  • Holistic Dentistry with Dara Kessler, DMD
  • Macrobiotics with Andrea Beaman
  • Oldways Effective Nutrition Communication with Cynthia Harriman
  • Organics with Anna Lappé
  • Orgasmic Diet with Marenna Lindberg
  • People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals with Dan Matthews
  • Politics of Children’s Health with Michele Simon
  • The Portion Teller with Lisa Young, PhD, RD, CDN
  • Positive Psychology with James Pawelski, PhD
  • Primal Diet with Aajonus Vonderplanitz
  • Putting Nutrition to Work with Ed Bauman, PhD
  • Raw Foods with Glen Colello
  • Re-evaluation Counseling with Summer Bock
  • Rule #1: Stop Talking with Linda Diamond
  • Seeds of Deception with Jeffrey Smith
  • Skinny Bitch in the Kitch with Kim Barnoun
  • Soy: Benefits and Dangers with Kaayla Daniel, PhD
  • Spring Wild Foods with Wildman Steve Brill
  • Staying Healthy with Nutrition with Elson Haas, MD
  • Student Dashboard and OEF Tutorial with Pauline Kim
  • Superfoods with Liron Hirschkorn
  • Sustainability with Anna Lappé
  • Teaching a Tremendous Cooking Class with Andrea Beaman
  • Thrive Diet with Brendan Brazier
  • What’s Wrong with What We Eat with Mark Bittman
  • Why Diets Don’t Work Long-Term and What Does with Karen Koenig
  • Wise and Witty Stress Solutions with Loretta Laroche
  • World Peace Diet with Will Tuttle
  • World’s Healthiest Foods with George Metaljan
  • Yoga of Eating with Charles Eisenstein

(Insert: screaming with excitement….)

Why Go to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition?

People go to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition for many different reasons. I am going for personal growth, to create more “solutions, not problems,” and then, of course, to share it with you. I want the knowledge to share, and I want more credibility to go along with it.

Stay tuned for the adventures along the way.

Updated: p.s. I graduated! Grab The Institute for Integrative Nutrition FAQ’s. Then, click HERE to learn How to Start an Online Health Coaching Business or HERE to contact me for an introduction to someone at the school!


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  1. Sarah! I love when people get connected to the school and want to continue learning and growth. So excited that you’ll be joining this fun ‘tribe’ as we explore more ways to support healthier lives – starting with ourself and then reaching beyond to others. Blessings on your new journey. Cheers xoxo

  2. I’m enrolled for the September program as well, and couldn’t be more excited! It’s such a great community, and everyone helps one another which I LOVE. We’ll have to connect throughout the year…look forward to a great one ahead!

    1. Hi Rachel! Super excited to “meet” you here! I could not be more excited to begin. My materials are coming this next week. Are you on Twitter?

  3. I found your blog while researching IIT. I am thinking about enrolling. It is good to see your excitement. What is it that you hope to learn from the program?

    1. Hi Becky! Glad to hear you found my site. I am super excited to start. I am looking to just learn all about food and taking an integrative approach to it to better understand the optimal healthy lifestyle. I am probably not going to use the degree in the traditional way, since I will never leave my job, but I plan to use it for extra credibility when it comes to my blog, for extra credibility when I’m writing for other (food/fitness) brand blogs and to continue personal growth! How about you? What are you interested in doing with it?

  4. I am a IIN student too. You are going to love this school. They offer so much great information. I have been suffering with really bad IBS issues and have currently taken gluten out of my diet too. Your blog is great, so informative and fun. I am also part of the Ambassador program through IIN and if you would like I am pretty sure I can save you $500 off of your tuition, if you would like send me an email and I will look into it for you. I know they are having a Conference in March in LA. I just attended “Fall in to Action” in NYC It was amazing. They had such brilliant speakers. I know David Wolfe will be attending the lecture in March.

    Good Luck!!
    Michelle Matthews

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for stopping by! I am already loving IIN. I have not heard about the conference in March. Do you know if there is information about it anywhere? Thanks again for connecting. I love connecting with the IIN community:)

      Sarah Kay

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