Today is the final episode for both the first year of the podcast show and 2021 – Q&A 4 with A Gutsy Girl episode 26.

So for the show today, it’s just you and me.

The reason I wanted to share this information on the last episode of the year is because so many people will start the new year with all their big health and fitness goals.

But I want you to create the RIGHT goals. Choose your goals for health and healing instead of conflicting goals that will prohibit you from doing such.

Get the notebook out, take notes, and enjoy this one!

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Q&A 4 with A Gutsy Girl {Episode 26}

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Q&A 4 with A Gutsy Girl {Episode 26} #guthealth #guthealing #SIBO #podcasts

Resources Mentioned

  1. Healing Blooms from Within: 90-day gut healing journey journal
  2. 100 Dairy Sources and Alternate Names
  3. 8 Steps to Creating the Best Food Journal
  4. Can vs Meant To
  5. 15 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolution Left You Bloated
  6. Size Zero Diet Trends (killing our guts?)
  7. Is Stress Causing My Digestive Distress
  8. FoodMarble Breath Test {with Aonghus Shortt}
  9. Reasonable SIBO
  10. How I Achieved a Year of Perfect Gut Health
  11. Just Thrive Health probiotic (Code: AGUTSYGIRL at checkout to save 15% at checkout)
  12. Just Thrive Health Ultimate IgG Immune and Digestive Support (Code: AGUTSYGIRL at checkout to save 15% at checkout)

Use code ‘GUTSYG’ at checkout to save an automatic 15% off the device +/or FODMAP program

Don’t Miss These Thoughts

  1. How I created the 90-day gut healing journal, beginning in 2007 (yes, it took me that long to perfect it).
  2. “I was never food journaling to heal; I was food journaling for aesthetics.”
  3. My One Word for the upcoming year, 2022. (Learn more about this word HERE.)
  4. Amenorrhea and the Low-FODMAP diet.
  5. Thoughts on the new FoodMarble AIRE 2 device.
  6. Wrapping up the first year of podcasting; what I learned and what’s up next for 2022.
  7. How I had another fantastic year of gut health; how I live, supplements, and more.

The Journal

On today’s episode I talk a lot about the journal. The reason was twofold:

  1. On a podcast review that was left, someone mentioned it.
  2. It’s highly relevant for all those New Year’s goals.

Here was the review:

So much good info
I’ve been trying to figure myself out for five years. Finally found a functional Dr and you! Wow, your podcasts and website are chalked full of fantastic information. All in one spot! AND I ordered the journal. Thank you !!! —- C Weeks

Here is the information for the physical journal. Remember, this one comes with a hard-cover, spiral-bound. It will be shipped directly to you.

If you would rather print the journal yourself, have access to it today, and pay 1/2 as much, then that option is below.

Here is the PDF version of the journal. Upon purchasing, you will receive the link to download immediately (make sure to check your spam if it’s not in your regular Inbox).

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Wrap Up

Time to wrap this up. As always, a huge goal for this show is to connect with even more people. Feel free to send an email to our team at We want to hear questions, comments, show ideas, etc.

Did you enjoy this solo-cast episode? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on Apple Podcasts.


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