I can’t even express how excited I am to share this! I have been accepted to Kresser Institute ADAPT Framework Level One.

{Spoiler alert: I decided not to do this program at this time. I did, however, decide to do Chris Kresser’s ADAPT Academy. You can read the full post HERE.}

Do you remember when I wrote about the Mayacamas Ranch Retreat, and what I said on #18? Well if not, here it is:

I have a huge desire to go back to school. It finally truly sank in while at the retreat. I have been toying with the idea for years now, but I had not yet drilled down to understand what it was I wanted to study, and then what it was I would do with what I studied. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. My major was Marketing, Mass Communications, and English.

I have been in traditional and digital Marketing and Communications positions for the past 8-ish years, and prior to that general Marketing and Sales positions. Several years ago I went back to school to get a basic understanding of Nutritional Therapy through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I enjoyed the program, and I think it’s a great start, but it’s basic, and for me, I’m looking for even more.

Researching Programs

So I spent quite some time from then to now researching various programs, routes to take, and digging deep to understand what I would ultimately do with advanced functional nutrition courses under my belt.

In fact, I reached out to nutritionists, doctors, schools, certificate programs, you name it. 

What I learned is that because I don’t desire to prescribe medications currently, I don’t need to take a specific path (which, by the way, 100% varies from state-to-state, and which also, by the way, went into my final decision). 

I realized very early on that all the things I describe above are the exact things I want to do with advanced functional nutrition knowledge, and so I looked into the Kresser Institute  program. I was immediately disqualified based on this criteria, but when I learned about the chance to get it via “petition if you think that you should be considered for enrollment due to extenuating circumstances,” I went for it.

Obviously. For better or for worse, I am stubborn persistent. I wrote a detailed letter about my background, what I have done in the health space, why I want to get into the program, and what I plan to do with the knowledge once I graduate.

That was a couple weeks ago.

Yesterday I received an email from the Institute stating, “We have accepted your petition application.”

Accepted to Kresser Institute ADAPT Framework Level One

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Accepted to Kresser Institute ADAPT Framework Level One sarahkayhoffman.comI almost can’t believe I got in, but I think there is a reason and I’m about to pull the trigger on the program. If you click HERE you can see the focus of study. What I love most about the program is the massive gut focus, outlined as such: 

  • Basic physiology
    • Role in health and disease
    • Pathology
      • Risk factors
      • Hypochlorhydria and impaired bile/enzyme production
      • SIBO
      • Infections
      • Dysbiosis & fungal overgrowth
      • Food intolerances
      • Intestinal permeability
      • Autoimmunity
    • Diagnosis
      • Food intolerances
        • Myths & truths
        • Recommended testing
      • Gut pathologies
        • Stool analysis
        • Breath testing
        • Urine organic acids
        • Intestinal permeability
        • Gut microbiome sequencing
    • Treatments
      • Two-stage treatment
      • Specific protocols
        • SIBO
        • Dysbiosis/fungal overgrowth
        • Parasites and H. pylori
        • GERD/hypochlorhydria
        • IBD/IBS-D
        • IBS-C/constipation
        • Intestinal permeability
      • Probiotics and prebiotics
      • Lifestyle and behavior
      • Advanced treatments
  • Bringing it all together

I will be making my final decision in the next week. I’ll keep you posted!

p.s. It’s never too late to go after your dreams. Ever. 

See you tomorrow!

p.s. Would you want to study under Chris Kresser?! 


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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Could I ask what other programs you were considering? I think I’m in exactly the same place you were a while ago. I’m currently studying at the IIN, loving it but wanting to go a step further. I have a BD’s in Translation and Interpreting and I did a Master’s Degree in Medical Translation, then worked for more than 6 years as a Translator and then again over 6 years in Fashion.

    I would love to know what other options you assessed. I would understand if you don’t want to post it publicly. Tell me and I will give you my private e-mail address.

    Thank you very much!!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Reader from the UK here. Could I ask you a question?

    I am someone who currently has no formal qualifications in the health sciences sector, having worked in Sales & marketing a bit like yourself, but am looking to for a career transition as I would ultimately like to become a Functional Medicine Practitioner. This is fundamentally driven by own health challenges and using a nutritional/paleo approach to treat them.

    Could you possibly point me in the right direction for a pathway to ultimately get into this career? I’d love to do Chris’ programme mentioned above, but I’m sure I need a foundational grounding in the physical sciences too (I’m an arts major).

    Any advice would be great!


    Andy Rowe

    1. Hi, Andy!

      Thanks for reaching out. The very first thing I did to see if I might like to go the functional route was the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (http://bit.ly/skh101d35) That said, that will not allow you to be a Functional Medicine Practitioner. You would need to first understand what kind of degree you’ll need in the UK to practice. Every state in the US is different, and I’m sure it’s different there as well. Then, you can start to research what places will help you obtain that. In the meantime, while I didn’t do full ADAPT yet, I did get in on the ADAPT Academy:) https://kresserinstitute.com/clinician-training/adapt-academy/ Good luck! Keep in touch.

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