What do you mean raw dairy? 

Today I have some raw dairy information for you.

But first you should know that yesterday I cried.

It was out of pure frustration towards my gut.

After I unbuttoned my pants, I remembered how change must be imminent.

These early morning thoughts for you have nothing, and yet something, to do with raw dairy.

Raw Dairy Information

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I went on a tour of Organic Pastures, which is a raw dairy farm. While there, I was reminded that dairy doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

Learn at Organic Pastures www.agutsygirl.com
Blaine, one of the owners, was the star tour guide. The tour began and ended in the main office area.

We started out where the milk is bottled and stored, but not without making sure we walked through the watered-down pad prior to entering the facility and getting our hair nets on.

I know, I know….I’m a super hottie here. I’ll take your autographs later.

Entrance Foot bath Hair Nets

There is a very specialized machine is used to bottle the milk. The machine is so specialized that they had to have someone from Wisconsin customize its every move. Hands can never touch the milk; they can only touch where the jug meets the machine for production.

The milk is then refrigerated.

Raw Dairy Information sarahkayhoffman.com Cold Milk Jugs at Organic Pastures

After that, Blaine showed us the area where cheese magic happens. I always wondered about cheese because cheese looks so very different, depending on brand, type, etc.

Raw Dairy Information sarahkayhoffman.com Cheese Room at Organic Pastures www.agutsygirl.com

The cheese room is a completely separate area. Upon walking in, I was greeted with smiling faces and huge cheese baths.

Raw Dairy Information sarahkayhoffman.com Cheese Stirring

They were constantly stirring the cheese and checking its texture.

Raw Dairy Information sarahkayhoffman.com Cheese Bath Handling at Organic Pastures Raw Dairy Information sarahkayhoffman.com Cheese Bath Handling at Organic Pastures

They also monitor the cheese temperatures and pH levels. It’s very official. I had no idea cheese making was so meticulous.

Cheese Temperature and ph level at Organic Pastures www.agutsygirl.com

Once the cheese is made and formed, it goes into a cold fridge area, where it ferments for 60 days (per government regulation).

Cheese ferments in fridge for 60 days www.agutsygirl.com

How Nice. But Where Does Their Raw Dairy Come From?

Blaine drove us to the cows.

The land is beautiful. It’s open, calm, peaceful.

Land at Organic Pastures www.agutsygirl.com

Did you know that cows have a cycle like humans….monthly and they have 9 months of being pregnant. Most farms give cows hormones that allow them to get pregnant earlier. This is never done at Organic Pastures.

Cows eating organic hay at Organic Pastures www.agutsygirl.com

Blaine thinks about medicine the same way I do -> Western culture has made it horrible. But it’s not just about human medicine and antibiotics for the McAfee’s (Blaine and Mark’s last name). It’s about taking that same care with the cows. After all, what the cows eat and consume is passed down to us. Blaine makes their own medicine and antibiotics. Her ingredients fascinated me! And guess what? Blaine is a medical practitioner by profession. She knows her stuff….she gets it on so many levels.

The cows eat only organic hay. They are treated very well, all have names, and are free to roam and play all year long.

Oh, and they have dogs there, too. This has nothing to do with raw dairy, but if it doesn’t make you smile, then we might not be able to be friends anymore. Dogs melt my heart!

Free Roaming Cow at Organic Pastures Dogs

Raw Dairy for the Gut

Can you and should you arbitrarily get your raw dairy from any source? Absolutely not. You do need to be careful. Get yourself educated about where it’s coming from and who is providing the product. In addition, you need to be cognizant of your current health, current gut state and ensure that you are fully aware of all factors.

Beyond that, I’m going to make the statement that raw dairy will absolutely aid in healing the gut.

Top 4 Reasons Raw Dairy Can Help Heal the Gut

  1. Raw dairy is a super probiotic. It is complete with enzymes, delicate proteins, bio-diverse active bacteria, and vitamins.
  2. This dairy is never manipulated. Part of the reason “traditional” dairy does not work for us is because of the extreme processing which occurs. Their raw dairy is not cooked, crushed or altered in any way.
  3. Raw milk naturally contains lactobacilli bacteria that hasn’t been denatured or destroyed by pasteurization. This helps digest lactase (lactase is the enzyme humans lack to breakdown lactose). As a matter of fact, many people who can’t drink pasteurized milk can drink raw milk.
  4. Raw milk not only contains so many of the good bacteria, but it also contains the nutrients to feed that bacteria. This results in a stronger immune system.

So What Now?

First and foremost, you should know that I am not pushing you out the door as soon as possible to get your own helping of raw dairy. If you live in California, I absolutely recommend Organic Pastures product (p.s. they are the largest raw dairy farm in the world)!

If you do not live in California, make sure to do your research.

You should research for yourself raw dairy. Check out this raw milk info and see also the awesome information via ‘why raw?’ And please know that the government and many “studies” love to scare you, ban certain research and do not give all the facts.

Something to think about….In other countries, raw dairy is widely used. In other countries, nasty, artificial sweeteners and chemicals are banned. Seems a little off, yes? Take that for what it’s worth to you.

I have been a believer since the first time I read the GAPS Diet. Dr. Natasha has recipes in the book for homemade yogurt and the like.

I am more convinced than ever.

Okay, your turn: thoughts? Questions? Raw dairy. Talk to me….or contact me!


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  1. so true about the quality and source of the raw milk is important. we have one farmer somewhat near by that treats her cows and goats like family and they are never given anything soy,corn ,etc. the raw goat milk was so good. you have us thinking we need to get it again- as we miss yogurt and know making our own would be best for our guts 🙂

    1. The gut is such a fragile place. Unfortunately, with all the manipulation of dairy, traditional dairy is doing nothing for us. It’s amazing what happens when a pure dairy form is added in small quantities.

  2. I love raw milk! It tastes like a milkshake… in addition to all the fabulous health benefits. 🙂

    Sadly it’s illegal to buy it in Georgia. You can find it on the underground market though…

    1. Frustrating how much regulation is put on it. I GET IT, though, because that would be awful if everyone could make it and not give the care and attention it needs. At the same time, there is just so much misinformation!

  3. You do not worry about the pasteurization process (heat treatment for a specified time) not being done and the possibility of contamination and spoiling? Just curious…

    1. Not at all, not when you buy it from a credible and superior source. I’ve been to the farm. I know their practices. The government likes to spook everyone.

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