Help! I’m gluten free. Now what? You have decided to fully commit to a 100% gluten-free lifestyle. The only problem? You have no idea where to start. Grab a cup of coffee (not the instant kind, unless you know for sure it’s gluten-free, as many of them are “gluten-ated!”) and get cozy….help is on the way!

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Before diving in, you must confirm (and be completely honest with yourself) one of the following three statements:

  1. I have just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease (and not via Dr. Google)
  2. A doctor (or via elimination challenge) has confirmed I am gluten intolerant and should refrain from all gluten.
  3. I want to lose weight. All my favorite celebrities are gluten free, thin and healthy.

Again, be completely honest with yourself when choosing #1, #2 or #3. Why are you saying, “Help! I’m gluten free. Now what?” Because each statement likely associates the gluten-free lifestyle with something unique. Let me explain:

  1. If you chose #1, you absolutely, positively – 150%  – need to refrain from gluten. There is no magic cure or medication you can take to make Celiac disappear, except for remaining 100% gluten free. If you fall into this category, then you should spend a few days (or even a week) completely clearing out your kitchen. Remove any and all things with gluten and/or that have touched gluten (ie. toaster). You can read more about this via, “Make Your Kitchen Gluten-Free – Six Steps to Get Rid of the Gluten.” (Make note: I do not have Celiac, so I do not live this way.)
  2. If you chose #2, then you also fall into the category where the only “cure” is to adopt a 100% gluten-free lifestyle. (I fall into this category -> perhaps you have a story like mine.) The difference between #1 and #2 is that with #2 typically (but not in all cases) if your food “touches” food with gluten in it you will not become ill. I never deliberately allow my food to “mingle” with gluten, but I do not operate in a 100% gluten-free kitchen (because I don’t need to), and it has been okay for me.
  3. If you chose #3, then my first recommendation is to read, “Gluten Free is the new Atkins.” Help yourself understand why you think going gluten free will help you. It’s not an easy lifestyle. It’s not just about giving up wheat bread and white pasta. Know, too, that if you plan on simply switching from your regular cookies to gluten-free cookies that you likely aren’t saving any calories, carbs or fat grams. In fact, many times you’ll likely be adding to those numbers. That being said, if you adopt the “real food” way of gluten-free eating you will become healthier all around. If #3 is your statement, maybe you just need to adopt this “real food” way for life, and not necessarily be gluten free. Think about it as I continue on….

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Help! I'm Gluten Free. Now What?

Help! I’m Gluten Free. Now What?

Now that you have your starting place, let’s move right on in with the main squeeze of the day, Mr. Gluten.

Gluten is (in simplest terms) a special type of protein that is commonly found in rye, wheat, and barley. People use the terms wheat and gluten interchangeably, but they are not the same. Learn more about their differences and sources for them via 124 Wheat and Gluten Sources and Alternate Names.

124 Wheat and Gluten Sources and Alternate Names Help! I'm Gluten Free. Now What?

You now know whether you fit into statement #1, #2 or #3. Use the following resources and information to help guide you to the gluten-free healthy lifestyle you need.

7+ Gluten-Free Resources

  1. Mayo Clinic: Gluten-Free Diet
  2. Safe Gluten-Free Food List
  3. Gluten-Free InfoWeb Food List
  4. Books. Wheat Belly, The G-Free Diet, my e-book and thousands more
  5. Gluten Free Menu & Fast Food Information
  6. Celiac Sprue Association
  7. And 24 more resources

12 Gluten-Free Blogs

  1. Celiac and the Beast
  2. gf Jules
  3. elana’s pantry
  4. Gluten Free Mommy
  5. gluten-free goddess
  6. simply gluten-free
  7. The Spunky Coconut
  8. RSS My Blog and/or click HERE for all articles tagged “gluten free.” (Yes, this is a shameless self-plug. I do, however, put up recipes, videos, and gluten-free information all the time. It’s my life. This is how I live.)
  9. gluten-free Girl
  10. The art of gluten-free baking
  11. Beard and Bonnet
  12. Against All Grain

Note: I could go on forever here. It’s just a matter of perusing the Internet to see which blog/personality fits best with your style. Want to find more (and get trapped into reading all day?) just Google, “Gluten Free AND Blog.

Help! I’m Gluten Free. Now What? Tips and Tricks

  1. Have a Smartphone? According to Glutino, you must download these 5 must-have gluten free apps.
  2. If something is wheat free, it may not be gluten free. If something is gluten free, it will always be wheat free. This is very important to know because a lot of packaging says, “wheat free.”
  3. Make Gluten Free a Game.
  4. Shop at grocery stores that cater to you. (I understand it’s more expensive many times to eat healthier, but investing in yourself and your health is the best investment you can make. Remember that.) Try: Whole Foods, Safeway (they now have “gluten-free” tagged labels on most items which are gluten free), Trader Joes (they also label the gluten-free items –> and Trader Joes is uber-affordable!), (special) health or natural food stores, Target (yes, they have a ton of gluten-free products) and finally your local/regional grocery store (almost all grocery stores carry gluten-free options).
  5. On Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? Pinterest? Instagram? Other? Within each network, you are bound to find a gluten-free community for support, ideas and overall help and tips. Feel free to steal my “Gluten-Free Twitter List”. Search “gluten-free” on Facebook or on YouTube; you are bound to find someone to connect with – your support group is waiting.

Real Food

One aspect of going gluten free that I think many people overlook is that many foods, in their natural state, are already gluten free. If you are the type of person who loves fresh fruits, vegetables and plain meats (no, deli meat is not included usually – sorry) then you will do very well with a gluten-free diet. (Read: 10 Tips to Lead Your Gluten Free Healthy Lifestyle.)

I eat very, very simple. I eat most foods as close to their natural state as possible, and the only things I add are fresh spices, herbs, and sea (or Himalayan) salt.

Going gluten free is a challenge mostly for those who have lived their lives off of packaged and processed goods (I’m raising my hand because this was me, too). Those are typically the foods that are plump full of gluten. The only time I really have to worry anymore is if I’m craving a cupcake or chips. In those instances, I make sure they are gluten free. If you can train your body to enjoy real foods, half of your battle is won! (Remember, though, not all foods in their original state are gluten free. ie. Whole Wheat Pasta.) Grab my FREE Real Food Shopping Guide for Costco!

The Real Food Shopping Guide for Costco Help! I'm Gluten Free. Now What?

Going 100% gluten-free, no matter what your prerogative might be, is never easy in the beginning. But if you need to go gluten free, it’s absolutely worth it!

If you need further help, consider grabbing The Gutsy Girl’s Bible: an approach to healing the gut and/or working with me 1-on-1.


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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out Sarah! I really enjoyed reading your story, and about how you found the diet that works for you. A gluten-free diet, along with removing (temporarily) other foods I was sensitive too, completely changed my health for the better. I love working with clients who have struggled with their health for a long time, only to find a change in their diet, whether it be a gluten-free diet or something else, completely transforms their life. Thanks for sharing your gluten-free resources. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. So great to hear from you, and I am glad you enjoyed the post. You are in San Diego? I’m up in the Bay Area. Would love to cross paths someday. I enjoy your site as well, and will put an “RSS” to it! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Gabe! So glad to hear it will help you start your journey. Please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see. Enjoy your day!

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