Last night was incredible! Let me tell you why, and then you’ll understand how this relates to forgot about Rae (not Dre 🙂 )

Pink at Armory for Super Bowl Weekend

Forgot About Rae SKH Kim BFF Minneapolis Armory Pink concert Super Bowl 2018

Even with the flu, Pink put on this insanely awesome concert last night at the Armory in Minneapolis. Forgot About Rae Pink on stage Minneapolis Armory Super Bowl

I am a country girl to the core, but there are several artists outside the genre (like several, several!) that I love and can be found listening to at any given moment. You would be very surprised to know that I totally dig Godsmack and Ludacris, but you likely wouldn’t be surprised to know how much I love Pink. In other words, I’m totally this girl.

What about Rae Pink concert Minneapolis

When I found out Pink was going to be performing at the Super Bowl, I wanted to go so badly.

And then my BFF sent me a text, “Pink and JLo. We are going.” Pink on Friday night, and JLo on Saturday night. Forgot About Rae Pink Armory

My response, “I don’t know if I can hang like that.”

Her three words, “Oh shut up.”

Guys – I’m in bed like an old woman between 8-9 pm nightly. Remember?!

But there we were last night, at the Pink concert, and she didn’t go on stage until 11 pm. 

And guess what?

Incredible! Forgot About Rae Pink Armory champagne celebrate

She put on, hands down, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Her dancers are extraordinary – every single song was full of energy and excitement. 

I had tears in my eyes when she sang, “Who Knew.”

Different circumstances, but it was sinking in,

If someone said three years from now
You’d be long gone
I’d stand up and punch them out
‘Cause they’re all wrong
I know better
‘Cause you said forever
And ever
Who knew

And for her encore, she came back on stage to perform “So What,” while flying through the air, hooked up to cable bungee cords. 

I mean, it was a concert and experience (we sat up in VIP – a whole other story) I’ll never forget. Forgot About Rae Armory Minneapolis Pink concert Super Bowl

And so I (and we) totally forgot about Rae. 

Confused yet?

Forgot about Rae

Ryan is coming up for Super Bowl stuff today, and BaNgoai is watching the babies tonight. Two nights ago, Ryan was all, “Oh shoot. What are we going to do with Reagan?” 

You do remember who Reagan is, yes? She’s our Great Dane.

Happy Birthday, Samarah {This is Four} Samarah and Reagan

And this made it the second weekend in a row that I forgot about Rae, totally unintentionally.

Last weekend when Ryan wasn’t here, I quickly set her up to go to the kennel so she’d be well taken care of while the kids and I were digging being back with the tribe.

This weekend, we decided that Ryan will just keep Reagan with him for the night. He’s such a rockstar husband!

Anyways, we keep forgetting about Rae because we never had to worry about this while we lived in California. Everything we did in California, all night and weekend getaways were planned far in advance, which also meant that Reagan’s plans were set far in advance.

But now that we are back in Minnesota, we are constantly on the go, doing things, seeing people. And many of them are on a whim, last-minute plans.Forgot About Rae Minneapolis Armory

As I stared into the massive crowd last night, surrounded by people I love hanging out with, all I could think was, THANK YOU, GOD! Thank you for finally allowing my life to include this “problem” of forgetting about Rae. 

I am finally seeing how much happier life is when a LIFE exists beyond work and workouts and homebody-ing (that’s not a word, okay?). Forgot About Rae Pink concert Kim Kelli SKH Mikala

This part of the change, like the Pink experience last night, just incredible. No other words.


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