It was only three days before I boarded that plane back to Minnesota this past December when Patsy’s, ‘Let There Be Light,’ popped up on my Facebook feed.

By then, Patsy Clairmont was already my spirit animal, but that day solidified it.

On Tuesday my dad started the IV (and main) portion of his chemo treatments. After being hospitalized even prior to starting treatment they decided to ease into the chemo treatment plan. The first round he was only at 60% full dosage of the pill portion. He did that for three weeks, and this past Tuesday, he started 100% dosage of the IV chemo portion while maintaining at 60% of the pill. 

Next cycle (in three weeks), he will be at 100% on all.

The first three weeks with only 60% pill, he was, for the most part, taking it very well. His weight wasn’t falling more, he was out driving his truck a couple times, and he was able to enjoy time with his brother (who came from Texas) and sister + her husband (who came from California). 

I mean, they even went to Diamond Joe’s one day. (Those of you not from around here, it’s a Casino on the Minnesota/Iowa border.) Let There Be Light Jerry Patsy Jack Joe Dad Mom Diamond Joe

On the whole, up until this point, we can’t complain a ton about the treatment and how dad has been doing.

100% dose of IV? Now, this is going to be another story. I feel like I’m on pins and needles each morning when I text my mom, “How is dad? How was his night?” (Note: I’ve had to text because while I was sick there was no way I was going out to see him.)

If you’ve ever watched someone go through Cancer (or have yourself), you know that at some point it gets hard – really hard.

We are likely entering that stage now.

And here’s the thing – this stage was my worst fear when I got the news about my dad back in November. I have never wanted to see my dad in any light other than the one I’ve always seen him in – strong, hard-working, and active. I certainly never wanted to see it so soon.

Let There Be Light

December 17, 2017, this video from Patsy popped up in my feed (I learned yesterday when I pulled it from YouTube that it is not, in fact, new though.) It’s over 8 minutes long, and you might not want to watch it, but let me tell you – Patsy is a little spitfire with class and soul, and storytelling capabilities I could only wish to have. The video has over 2.8 million views and it has been shared on Facebook over 7,800 times.

If you have the time, watch it. You won’t regret it.

So I sat there that night, right on my Facebook feed and listened. Honestly, I had no idea that the video was about Cancer. The caption is, “Because it’s a favorite of many of you…” I only watched it because I was needing some light in my life – about the move, my dad, all of it.

{Spoiler alert: Patsy is a God-fearing, Bible-loving woman. This video and message is faith-based. If that’s not your jam, you might not care about this message at all. It is my jam, so that’s why I had to share it.}

The video is all about Patsy’s friend, Carol, who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The Cancer then spread to many other areas within in her body, and during that time, Patsy wanted to find the words to say to her friend Carol. She wanted the right words but had no clue what those were. 

She then found herself at Genesis 1:3 in the Bible,

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Patsy wasn’t sure of those words (because they are so basic), but she called her friend, Carol, on the phone to tell them to her, anyway.

After they hung up the phone, Carol just started saying, “Let there be light,” over-and-over again.

What happened next was incredible! Those 4 words became clear as day (you’ll hear it in the video).

As Patsy closes, she says,

There’s so much we don’t know. Carol knew she was not healed, but God gave her exactly what she needed at the moment she needed it.

Of all the many things Patsy said during the video, it was those two sentences I held on to.

Back in November and in December, and then January, and now in February, there is so much we still don’t know about my dad’s Cancer, what the implications will be, and how he is going to respond to the IV Chemo treatments.

This uncertainty has been emotionally draining for our entire family because nothing is worse than knowing the best could happen but also that the worst might lie ahead. 

When I think of change, in my own life, and in our family’s life, I do something that I know is helping during these days. 

It’s called BELIEVE.

Let There Be Light Healing SIBO for Good - Volume 3 Believe

Like Patsy says and like Carol did, I believe that God will give my dad (and all of us) exactly what we need at the moment we need it. I believe that there is purpose and power in massive change. I believe that God will not turn his back on my dad or any of us for one moment (even when there is physical and emotional pain).

When a room is pitch black, even with the tiniest amount of light, that light will shine through, overcoming any and all darkness. And in that, in this, in all of it…..I too believe in the power of, let there be light.

p.s. I’m feeling about 100% so I’m going to see my dad this morning! 

p.s.s. If you or anyone you love has gone through Cancer and there are powerful Bible verses you’ve come back to, could you please share them in the comments below? Or email me them by clicking HERE. Thank you kindly.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. It was a little jolt i needed. We continue to pray for you family and especially your dad.

  2. I was diagnosed at 32 in 2008 and had to have a hysterectomy. I was so angry but I found comfort in the scriptures…Isaiah 40:29-31????
    I continue to pray for your father and your family.

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