The Sunday Reflections post today is a short, sweet, and simple one. Smiles….the theme.

Smiles SKH, Kim, Kelli JLo Armory Super Bowl

Why? Because the truth is that I hardly felt like writing this morning. I didn’t go to bed until about 3 am (yes, second night in a row – who am I), and I’m still on a high from the weekend. Smiles JLo Super Bowl Minneapolis Armory

Friday night we saw Pink at the Armory, and last night we saw JLo. Her concert was crazy awesome, but the highlight for me? I was in the box right next to Mark Cuban (look right behind me).

Smiles Mark Cuban

The place was so loud, and he left shortly before the end, but I was dying to tell him that when he invested in Delighted By Dessert Hummus on Shark Tank that night, those were my images on set. 🙂

And ironically, a friend sent me an image of her with a jar of A Loving Spoon nut butter from 3 years ago last night, too.

I thought about how, back then, I wanted to be on Shark Tank and it was Mark Cuban I wanted to partner with.

Anyways, on the whole, the weekend was surreal. I feel beyond grateful for the wildly unreal experiences. (You can see it all still on my Instagram Stories.)Smiles Kelli, Kim, SKH JLo Armory


A reader sent me this short message awhile back,

Morning! Love reading all your posts! You’ve accomplished so much Sarah and I think you’re an incredible person and mom! Prayers for your dad❤ love seeing the smiles on your kid’s faces!

There are no Earth-shattering words included there, but I’m sharing it because of her last 8 words, “love seeing the smiles on your kid’s faces!”

We have all been smiling a lot (well, except maybe not Maya so much – ever – ha).

Everything has been bringing the smiles on. Family, friends, events… Smiles SKH and Kim JLo Minneapolis Armory

Minnesota is full of smiles, even on hard days, because we have everything in the world here.


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