It’s the time of year when I begin spring training.

Happy 1st day of spring! Today, no matter what the weather is like, is always a happy day for me. I love spring because it’s the time of year when everything seems all pink and bunnies and fluffy clouds to me. 

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Spring Training

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Spring Training gut health with A Gutsy Girl #spring #guthealth #healthyliving

This year’s spring training is with my 3 R’s: Refresh. Revive. Remember.


Time to clean house. Out with the old and in with the new (or nothing new at all). I’ve been buying things all winter long to re-do our bedroom. Some favorites favorites:

  1. White, down comforter.
  2. Pillow cases.
  3. The same calming blue blanket.
  4. Candles.


This began last Wednesday with my 4 Truths & a Major Flare Up. Revive, to me, is all about food. It’s about cleaning out from the inside and re-nourishing my body with the best. In addition to what I’m currently doing, I have a major new love affair with my new juicer.

Spring is the perfect time for a revival….enjoying new foods, and drinking more water


I have spent the last several months working my days away, but I am not complaining because I love what I do. I am complaining because it needs to stop. Even the things we love the most in the world can be done in excess. And whenever excess is present and balance fades, the situation is never a positive one. Moving into spring and beyond, I am taking more time remembering me, my family, health, fitness and general happiness. To remember means to never forget, and to never forget means to make it non-negotiable.

Question: Do you like spring? What are you looking forward to most this spring? Interested in practicing the 3 R’s with me?

p.s. Check out 7 Ways to Spring Detox.

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  1. Michelle – You would love a juicer! Today when I got done with spin I made apple + celery + carrots. Awesome! I add in a pinch of Almond Milk at the end, too! Love it!

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