Here we go today with 4 truths plus a major flare up.

I was in Texas the past several days for work at SXSW in Austin. I had an amazing time, for the record! And here were 4 things I learned….

  1. I learned it’s okay to be a Chronic Babe. Jenni said so. I met her, heard her speak, was inspired by her and was reminded that dealing with a chronic issue is okay.
  2. I learned that traveling will ALWAYS be a struggle for me.
  3. I learned that life will always present way too many “prima donnas,” but that as long as you’re aware of how to roll with it and surround yourself with the humble it all evens out.
  4. I learned that sometimes the greatest people and the best of friends in our lives live hundreds of miles away. And yet still, it does not change what they mean to us or the value in the friendship at all.

4 Truths Plus a Major Flare Up

Tabata Workouts Bloated 4 Truths Plus a Major Flare Up

With everything that went on this past week, it has been an absolute 100% challenging time for me. This flare-up bout with my stomach has lingered for over a week now. To me, it’s borderline frightening. My stomach is huge! I was asked not once, but twice, if I’m pregnant. Um, no! There is nothing more frustrating (for me) in the world than this feeling. It’s a confidence bust and anxiety at its finest. I can never explain what it’s like and no, it’s not the same bloat all girls tell me, “Yeah, I know exactly how you feel – I hate that time of the month.” I know that feeling, too. There is no resemblance.

I feel like E.T. with a distended stomach and a non-inflatable balloon. I feel pressure and water retention and like I’ve gained 10 pounds overnight. I literally may have. I’ve said it before that “Nothing changes if nothing changes….” I mean it. Something has got to change.

Two immediate changes:

  1. No “Venti” coffee for at least a few weeks. A small is all I’ll do. No other caffeine.
  2. No alcohol until at least May. (Alcohol hates me I’ve learned, and truth be told – the whole time during SXSW I only had a couple glasses of Red Wine. It was still too much for now.)

For one week, I’m going back to my broth/lean meat combo to ease my symptoms and get things working properly again.

Getting my hands and mind around this has not been easy. I don’t expect the next several days to be a walk in the park. But I cannot continue on with the big, bloated and miserable stomach I’ve been having. There is a choice with everything in life. This is a choice I make in order to say, “Feeling good is really all that matters.”

p.s. Years later I would learn that it was all the SIBO.


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  1. We’re all thinking about you, glad to have seen you down at SXSW, but moreover, keep you in our thoughts and prayers. You’re not alone. If you can get me to like Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free, veggie burgers with Tapioca buns, trust me, anything is possible.

  2. I clicked through on your blog once you made the kind comment about my book on Twitter. Thank you so much.

    I LOVE your lesson #3: I learned that life will always present way too many “prima donnas,” but that as long as you’re aware of how to roll with it and surround yourself with the humble it all evens out.

    I’ve learned the hard way that humility is the only way to stay in tune with the true intentions of the universe. Glad to see you’ve arrived at the same conclusion.

    All the best,

  3. Thank you, Jamie! It was great to hear you speak and I’m looking forward to diving into your book on my iPad!

    Enjoy your day!

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