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Before I continue on with the hospital part of the story, let me back up a little bit.

Infertility is caused by many different things. When there is no known cause, it’s simply, “unexplained infertility.”

I don’t know what it’s like to have any other type of infertility, but so many times I can’t help but think that perhaps if I had an “explained infertility,” then maybe the problem could have been solved by now.

When you decide to take the step of IVF, you literally have to have every test under the sun done. They need to make for certain that you are strong and healthy enough to carry right through to the end, and that ultimately you will be able to bring a healthy child into the world.

Ryan and I both passed all tests with flying colors.

As a matter of fact, we passed all tests that entire year before with flying colors.

Never once was there any mention of anything wrong.

And yet, something certainly seemed off.

If you have never known anyone to get to the IVF point, then you likely don’t know a lot of what I’m talking about.

Here’s what I mean by “something certainly seemed off.” It’s not like you are told you have “unexplained infertility” and then you decide to do IVF on a whim, in a few days it’s over and 9 months later you welcome one or two (or sometimes more) babies.

No, before IVF you will typically exhaust all options.

My IVF Story Part II

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My IVF Story Part II #ivf #infertility #ivfjourney

I never thought we’d end up in an IVF procedure.

The prior year was spent in several other procedures, which I “just knew” would do the trick.

After about a year, our doctor convinced us to do IVF.

Because we were “so healthy” and “so young,” she was certain this was the final step. I believed her confidence. I had to.

Even though I’m fairly anti-drugs and medication, sometime during February 2012 I began the process. I swallowed my pride and beliefs. I kept my eye on the finish line.

It sounds backwards, but the very first thing you typically do is go on birth control so that the doctor can manipulate your cycle right from the get go.

You get a chart of drugs and medications; what they do, and when you take them. They are clearly spelled out down to the hour. I have all drugs and medications I took listed HERE.

From March 16, 2012, through March 27, 2012 my drug cocktails were like nothing I’ve ever done before. I swallowed pill-after-pill, and I (almost) perfected the art of filling injectables and then inserting the extra-long needle into my belly without even flinching. (For the record, needles don’t bother me one bit anymore. Between the Colitis and then all of this, I’m set for life.)

Day 5 of that process marked the day I would begin doing a video each day. At the time, I was absolutely certain it was going to work. I wanted my process and outcome to be inspiring for other women who go through IVF. I never thought I’d share these (given the outcome), but here is the first video I recorded. 

Video Recording of the IVF Journey

March 28, 2012, was the day my eggs were retrieved.

The point of all the drugs and medications is to make the body produce large follicles so that as many eggs as possible can be extracted during the retrieval process. I believe I “grew” 17.

The day of retrieval I was out.

When I woke up, they told me they were able to extract 9 eggs.

(Side note: Let’s do some quick math, as this is important for the story tomorrow. 17 eggs total. 9 were retrieved. That left “8” randoms floating around somewhere, eh?)

I was excited when I woke up and found out there were so many taken. They immediately went to the incubator.

The eggs go to the incubator to “bake.” They begin a life. Some are real soldiers and hang on until the end, and others simply aren’t strong enough to make it.

The ones that make it, are returned to your body, upon a successful incubation period. They are either placed back on day 3 or day 5.

I had two (very) strong soldiers. We opted to put them both back in me. (C’mon….how fun would twins be?!)

We had a 5-day transfer, and so early in the morning on April 2, 2012, I watched as both eggs were gently placed exactly where they belonged — with me. <- Yes, for this part you are awake. It doesn’t hurt much, and to be honest, it was just thrilling to watch it all happen on a monitor.

Ryan drove us home.

I relaxed all day, and slept like a baby that night. I think it was because I felt responsible already. To say I was content, overjoyed and simply happy with Ryan, Fiona, Reagan and two little beans would have been an understatement.

My IVF Story: Part III tomorrow.

This is all a part of a series for National Infertility Awareness Week.


My IVF Story Part II Infertility Adoption

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