We live in a world where we are on-the-go 24/7. This is hard to navigate for the average person, much less the gluten-free on-the-go darling.

Eating All Day

A good friend of mine recently messaged me,

I feel like I eat ALL DAY LONG! So many snacks and kid food around and I have no willpower! This year I have been trying to eat better and bring my own food. Any recommendations on good low-fat and high energy snacks to have on hand?

As I travel a lot, and find myself rarely home, I have had to teach myself healthy and gluten-free on-the-go. Because food equals fuel and fuel sustains this lifestyle, now more than ever is the topic of food on-the-go a hot one. And it’s not only a hot topic for me, but for many of you as well!

I promised my friend a post on some options. And this is also for you –  fuel to get your engine started.

(Make note: My friend is not gluten free, but I know these options will suffice!)

8 ideas for Gluten-Free On-the-Go

  1. banana + raw almond butter
  2. raw nuts (my favorites are almonds, walnuts, and/or macadamias.) mixed with raisins
  3. goat cheese and some fruit
  4. coconut yogurt with gluten-free granola
  5. hard boiled eggs
  6. a Paleo Bar of sorts
  7. homemade trail mix
  8. SeaSnax

Remember, I still believe in larger, more filling meals than 24/7 snacking. But when you find yourself in a bind, these are great options.

Looking for more gluten-free inspiration? Check out my Gluten-Free Pinterest Board HERE.


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