Make a habit out of understanding hunger vs cravings. They are not the same and by not understanding the differences, you are probably hurting your health/fitness progress and goals.

Understanding Hunger vs Cravings

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Hunger = “I am so hungry I would eat an entire bag of raw, baby carrots.”

Understanding Hunger vs Cravings Roasted Vegetables

Cravings = “I’m full from dinner, but I could really go for a piece of chocolate cake or chocolate-chip cookie or ice cream with hot fudge.”

Paleo Birthday Cake with Rainbow Unicorn Frosting Layered Cake

When you are hungry, choices don’t matter as much. If it’s there, you’ll eat it because your body is screaming, “feed me.”

When you are craving, choices are key. You will not take that bag of raw, baby carrots. They won’t satisfy you.

Knowing yourself and creating a habit of understanding hunger vs cravings will also allow you to perfect portion control and moderation.

This yields the perfect combination: When you are hungry, eat. Feed your body the “goods” it needs. When you are craving, practice portion control and everything-in-moderation. But still feed your body the “goods.”

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  1. I am cognizant of this now, and I identify which it is. And then I decide. But I have learned to mesh them at times, too…with things like that Mac ‘n Cheesy. Ah, yum:)

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