This post around why Organic has been brewing for quite some time, but today seemed like the day I should publish it – Friday, the 13th.

Fear-based tactics are not really my thing. I have always loved and respected several people in the industry who do use those tactics, but they aren’t really for me. 

My approach is lighter, laid-back, and living proof-ish. It’s factual, practical, and I am always striving to make it more relatable. 

If I had a nickel for every time someone said to me, “Why Organic and non-GMO? What is so great about gluten-free? How come you’re dairy free? What and why low-FODMAP? Why the h#$% can’t you eat garlic or an apple? Is there a reason for all your crazy, healthy food? I mean, why anyways….because we all have to die sometime, right?” then I would be a freaking billionaire. Maybe trillionaire.

Ever since I dedicated this month to Tracy, I have been thinking so much about these questions I’ve fielded over the years. 

Want the truth? While I am hugely frustrated and annoyed by the questions, I am also super uncomfortable by them. When someone asks me them in an almost accusatory way, I immediately feel like I am “doing something wrong” or living wrongfully.

That was the beautiful thing about my friendship with Tracy. She understood, and because our beliefs were so staunch, I never felt uncomfortable in conversations with her.

If you want the facts about Organic, you can find them HERE

This post isn’t really about the facts, and it’s not even about Organic proper.

Why Organic

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Why Organic #organic #healthyliving #eatrealfood #wellness

This is about living by eating the foods, doing the things, and using the products that are “healthy” (subjective term, different for everyone) for us so that our days on Earth are filled with feeling well.

It’s inevitable, yes, that we all have to die at some point, but why would we choose to feel less than amazing every single day between now and then?

I have lived on both ends of these ideas. 

I have lived eating whatever and whenever and however, without giving a care in the world to anything except that it might be “OMG sugar-free, fat-free, chemical-filled crap.”Every. Single. Day. I felt horrible.

Today I live a polar opposite life, and I’m not just surviving – thriving.

And it’s not just me, I am deeply passionate about staying staunch in the beliefs with our family, too. 

“Oh, c’mon….let your kids live a little. Let them eat all the things.” If I had a nickel…..

We do let our children be “normal.” I don’t believe in diets for children. But I have to stick to tried, tested, and true with food and healing and life. Our little Isaiah has major stomach issues. I’ve been going through tests with him for a long time, and meanwhile have continued saying, “I just want to let him be normal.” Why? Because I get tired of the eye roll, and questions, and “let him be a little boy-isms.”

Until last weekend when he was horribly sick, and (probably because of this month dedication to Tracy) I decided enough is enough. 

I could give you all the stats, and could scare you into a million things. But I won’t, and I’m not. 

I will only continue to share with you how Organic, non-GMO, real foods and “healthy” have changed my life and can help change yours if you want them to.

Instead of thinking, “I have to die someday,” start thinking, “How can I live better today?”

The journey, not the end, is what we live for. 


Why Organic

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