So many questions already, so I put together this leaky gut book and program FAQs post to help.

I am here for the rescue, always!

Leaky Gut Book and Program FAQs

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Leaky Gut Book and Program FAQs #leakygut #ibs #leakygutsyndrome #guthealth

Okay, first things first. Let’s talk about the price.

Hundreds, literally, hundreds of hours went into the production of The Leaky Gut Meal Plan: 4 Weeks to Detox and Improve Digestive Health. And I’m not telling you that to brag about some sort of productive powers.

I am telling you this so that you understand these prices of (book) $13.49-ish + (e-course program) $14.99 are a steal.

Leaky Gut Book FAQ

So many of you are wondering about the recipes in the book.

Are they gluten-free? Which ones are Vegan? How many are dairy-free? So I made a graphic for each, to address them all.

HERE you go….

Next, you’re wondering things like:

  1. Is the book a meal plan?
  2. How many total recipes are there?
  3. Do you give weekly shopping lists?
  4. What are some leaky gut signs?
  5. You said you’d be giving us an Instant Pot version of bone broth. Is that in there?

If you click HERE, you’ll find all the answers.

And finally, this is a big and awesome statement + question I’m getting:

There are so many great “healing” books out there. The problem is that they require specific and uncommon ingredients. Many of those ingredients cost a fortune and I’ll only use 1 teaspoon for the entire recipe. Is your book like this?

The answer is NO.

When the publisher told me that one of the criteria for the recipes was that they all had to use ingredients anyone could pretty much find anywhere, I laughed. And then I told them I was laughing because had they asked me to write this book when we lived in California that would have been very hard for me to do. 

What do you mean the whole country doesn’t have access to fresh moringa from the farmers’ market weekly?!

But nonetheless, I do not live in California any longer.

We live in a small town in southern Minnesota. The town has a Walmart and Cashwise. Every single item in the book uses ingredients that I can find here.

To be very clear and honest, I sometimes used brands that were not found in this town (i.e. the Nutiva Coconut Flour), but the product itself could be found here.

Leaky Gut Email Series Course FAQs

All current Leaky Gut Program FAQs can be found HERE.

And yes, yes that’s real. You will receive a daily email from me for each of the 28 days.

If I have not addressed something on that page around the program, please let me know via the comments section below so I can add it.

Worth It?

First, maybe this review will help. To date, there are over 300 reviews.

Leaky Gut Syndrome testimonial A Gutsy Girl book #leakygut #leakygutdiet

Okay, so back to the price. 

The price of the book is $13.49 (give or take, Amazon sets the price, not me); the 28-day e-course program is $14.99. I maintain that both are a steal.

You spend $13.49 every single day on frivolous stuff; don’t worry, I do, too.

A latte, lunch, and trip to Target (or Walmart) and you’re already past the total price of the book and program.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme for me. In fact, want in on a little secret? Other than a small percentage of Amazon fees I make when you purchase my book, I am receiving no further compensation on this book.

If you take $14.99 and divide it by 28 days, that’s just $.54 per day that you’re spending on a program which could change the trajectory of your life. (Yes, that’s 54 CENTS per day.)

In a nutshell, the answer is “yes.” Yes I do think it’s all worth it.

But I’ll let you decide 🙂

If you want my 90-day gut healing journal to accompany the book and process, grab your copy today. This is a tool that will help immensely. 

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