It’s time for a thyroid, SIBO and adrenal fatigue check in.

The last time I did one was May 20, 2015 (SIBO, Adrenal Fatigue and Autoimmune Update).

Thyroid, SIBO, Adrenal Fatigue Check In

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During our bone broth chat last Friday I told you,

I learned some very important things from my thyroid testing results, and next week I am going to share them with you + share what’s next on my journey for true wellness.

So here we are.

Thyroid, SIBO, Adrenal Fatigue Check In


My overall thyroid function (TSH) is good, but the T3 + T4 levels have dropped a little more than before, so we are moving to the next steps.

Note: If you think your thyroid levels are off be sure your doctor does a complete panel vs. just the TSH. My entire life doctors only did TSH, and thus telling me, “Your hormone levels are good.” They weren’t, and because we were not able to nip the problem in the butt from the beginning, it’s going to take even more work to climb out of this hormone hole.

The plan for my thyroid and hormones is:

  1. Check basal body temperatures for 10 days, first thing in the AM before I get out of bed, and send my doctor those numbers. He mentioned, “Please also calculate the average. We can use this to help decide if you might benefit from some thyroid replacement.” (I have not begun this yet.)
  2. Once I do the basal body temperatures, I can start the thyroid medication. (The medication I am using is a natural one. Similar to LDN, this is not a synthetic one that is typically prescribed. I agreed to give it a try because the things we have been doing diet and lifestyle-wise seem to be needing an extra boost. Again, I destroyed my hormones, and now I’m learning to crawl out of the destruction.)
  3. Complete another hormone tests between Day 19-21 of menstrual cycle.
  4. Consider further hormone consultation with a functional hormone specialist in San Francisco I was referred to.

Adrenal Fatigue

My levels a year ago were bottomed out. I had severe adrenal fatigue, and even though I feel like it has improved, the only real way to know is by testing again.

I despise that saliva test, but I know it needs to be done. The test needs to be done off of supplements for adrenals, probiotics and others for 10-14 days prior. I have quit taking all of that, and I am just waiting for the test to arrive.

Adrenal Fatigue, it makes perfect sense


This was my biggest (physical) issue a year ago. No matter what, I would bloat to almost 9-months pregnant at least 1 x per week or (towards the end) daily. For several months, we tried to heal it with a combination of diet and lifestyle things, including the supplement GI Synergy (the holistic way to support intestinal health), but unfortunately my SIBO was so bad that I needed a round of Rifaximin.

The Rifaximin worked (but not until right at the end of the 21-day period), and I got a new lease on life.

SIBO has high relapse rate. I have made it past the 6-month mark, and I am still thriving. Between the crazy egg reactions, and a few days here and there I oftentimes worry about the relapse.

Because of this, Dr. Schweig wants to ensure that all the SIBO has been cleared, so I will be repeating the SIBO breath test.

Just like the adrenal fatigue saliva test, I despise this one. This one also needs to be done off of all supplements for 10-14 days prior. I have quit taking all of that, and I am just waiting for the test to arrive.


  • For extra support, I will supplement with Perma-Clear® for gastrointestinal support.
  • My vitamin D continues to be low (although a little higher than last time!), so I need to still take (in my case start taking again -I’ve completely slacked on all supplements for several months now) 5-7000 IU per day.

But How Am I Feeling?

When you asked me this a year ago, I would have said, “fine,” but secretly I wanted to cry out, “I am miserable.

This past year has been, by far, the biggest healing year of my life.

It has cost me, financially, physically and emotionally, but the costs have yielded the most beautiful benefits.

I will never be cured because you don’t get that luxury with an autoimmune condition. Like anyone else, I, too, have my days when I feel far less than optimal.

But for someone who has a sluggish thyroid, adrenal fatigue, a less-than-desired gut, Colitis and overall lower immunity, I feel insanely amazing! (I get up between 4:30-5am each day and still sleep 8-10 hours a night, I eat like a “normal” person and I am a Super Spartan!)

I do realize that my testing results could tell a different story, but that would only tell me that things can only get even better.

And even better from here is something I never thought would ever be possible.

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  1. Yes! Please detail the process! I am so curious to hear how it goes. I’ve been following your journey for so long and really value your experience to help me navigate mine. Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  2. Please continue to share your healing progress!

    I did a second SIBO breath test last week. I’m still waiting for the results but I don’t think I’ve improved much after doing a round of Rifixamin.

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