While the topic of how brands and companies can create better gut health in the world might not seem applicable to you, my Gutsy darling, it actually is.

I am obsessed with sharing my story and spreading the message,

Heal your gut. Heal your life.

Speaking about it to a woman just like you and/or hundreds of brand executives is a total passion.

With the way the current world is operating, doing business 24/7 at home, I gave my first larger presentation to a team (scattered throughout the world) online vs. in person this morning.

Shocker – I know. The world doesn’t and can’t completely stop because we are at home.

There are guts to heal and healthier microbiomes and immune systems to build (to prep for the future, aka this is us being proactive vs. reactive).

Anyways, as part of the presentation, one of the last questions they wanted me to address was around this, “how brands and companies can create better gut health in the world.”

The BIG Gut Health Idea

At first I thought big. You know, super big.

As in, if brands and companies could donate $xyz dollars or xyz% of profits to a specific research, place, product, ect. people could heal their guts and/or maintain optimal gut health quicker.


That’s exactly where I wanted to go with it. 

But the more I thought about it, reflected on my own journey, and thought about you, I realized there is no such thing.

And honestly, this is probably not what a brand or company wants to hear. But it’s what I know to be the truth. It is also what you know to be the truth.

Rather than get fancy, I thought I’d get very practical. 

So I want to share with you the 5 ways brands and companies can create better gut health in the world.

How Brands and Companies Can Create Better Gut Health in the World

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How Brands and Companies Can Create Better Gut Health in the World agutsygirl.com #guthealth #gut #worldhealth 5 ways

  1. Be transparent and address concerns

    If your product is marketed for gut health and/or gut healing in any way, shape, or form, be forthcoming about why. What are the ingredients and what is the purpose for each? Who is the product intended for? Sales 101 says to know the answers to objections, and just because you might think your product is the best, doesn’t mean it won’t still come with an objection. Face them head on. Don’t prance around any large objections at hand. And honestly, if your product isn’t the best option for someone, some condition, etc. be honest about that. No matter what, have integrity with an in everything that has to do with whatever you have to offer.

  2. Address more of the “what this really means” issues vs. the surface issue

    During the presentation I gave today, they wanted me to share my story. And while I do enjoy sharing the story, I try to always tell it in a way that will matter and inspire the audience I’m speaking to. In this case today, for brands and companies, I told my story from the perspective of here is what happened, but this is what it really meant for me. For example, it wasn’t just the gut issues in 2014 shortly before the SIBO diagnosis. Instead, it was the perioral dermatitis that invaded my face; the embarrassment (also pain and itchiness) that went along with that was a far deeper issue. Too often I think brands focus on the one surface issue. Many times, that’s far from “the thing” plaguing us most.

  3. Share research and use that research to speak to us

    While I believe there’s a lot to be said for sharing personal stories, I think there’s far more credibility when those stories are accompanied by research. When there is scientific studies that back up products, ingredients, conditions, etc., they are far more believable and useful. And it doesn’t even just have to be about your product. I once shared the differences in reported IBS symptoms between men and women. People loved that information and research because they saw themselves in it. It acted as further proof that what they are experience is real. Validation matters.

  4. Be helpful

    Create a massive “hub” of information with searchable terms. You know, like I’ve done here on agutsygirl.com. 🙂 Truly, you’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again, “People don’t care about what you know until they know how much you care.” Teach, don’t sell. If you care, then you provide helpful information. And the trickle effect which will benefit you is not some tactic. Instead, it was rooted in care; sprouted with intention and love.

  5. Empower people!

    Gut health and gut healing are such medical things, at least that’s what we all believe. But are they really? They don’t have to be. I do nothing from a diagnostic or prescription standpoint, and yet I work with women worldwide on better gut health and healing their guts. This is because I empower them. For me personally, it’s through the 3 pillars to ultimate gut healing. I provide them with a metaphorical huge notebook of sorts. And they fill the pages with the information from my website that is relevant to them. And then they choose to act or not act upon it. Those who act, benefit. And this is strictly an act of empowering vs. doing. As a brand or company who sells a product or service, you can do the same thing.  

Now it’s your turn. How do you think brands and companies can help the gut healing community and/or people to become more aware of gut health importance overall?

Did I miss “the big idea?” Or are there other ideas you’d add to this list? 

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