There are symptoms, problems, masks and solutions for gut healing. Knowing where you are today, and how you are handling it could make all the difference for your future.

Symptoms, Problems, Masks and Solutions for Gut Healing

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Symptoms, Problems, Masks and Solutions for Gut Healing #guthealth #healing #gut


  • gas
  • bloating
  • joint pain
  • rashes
  • fatigue
  • constipation
  • general weakened immune system
  • brain fog
  • diarrhea
  • heartburn
  • irritability
  • migraines and headaches
  • weight gain (or weight loss)
  • depression or anxiety
  • chronic eczema or acne
  • general abdominal discomfort
  • cravings

Your symptoms are telling you something. Do you find yourself plagued with any or all of the above on a daily basis? Listen to them. They have already likely lead to one of the following problems….


  • IBS
  • Acid Reflux (GERD)
  • Colitis
  • Crohn’s
  • Celiac Disease
  • …..and any of THESE

Problems can be chronic, especially if the root of the issue is not addressed. I should know, I didn’t address mine until much later in life, and by that point, so many (more) things had compounded, namely SIBO.

Symptoms, Problems, Masks and Solutions for Gut Healing #guthealth #healthyliving #ibs #ibd


Drugs and medications, over-the-counter temporary relievers, and all the MiraLax.

Digestive symptoms that are covered up by masks are like band-aids you put over your credit card bills; the numbers are covered up, but the outstanding amount owed remains.

Over time, these symptoms compound, and one-after-another a real problem emerges.

But do make note: HERE are my thoughts on Antibiotics (medication in general).


Tough love

The solution doesn’t include the mask (not for the long term, anyways). It doesn’t include a diet (well, maybe it does), “cheat days on the weekends,” or cheat foods

The solution is not easy, but it is absolutely worth it.

The only true, life-long solution, is to heal your gut since the gut is 99.9% the likely culprit to your symptoms and to the problems which have manifested.

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Symptoms, Problems, Masks and Solutions for Gut Healing #guthealing #guthealth #leakygut #healthylivingSymptoms of Gut IBS IBD

Symptoms, Problems, Masks, Solutions

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