Don’t focus on rear view mirrors on your gut healing journey.

Jet pilots don’t have rear view mirrors.

My father-in-law passed this down to me. I am passing it on to you.

Jet pilots don’t have rear view mirrors, and neither should you.

It could be so easy to get wrapped up in all the misery that was before, all the things you miss from before or all the what-could’ve-should’ve-beens.

But don’t.

You are not that same person. You are shedding layers (physically and hopefully emotionally) that will carry you from the former to future.

Don’t look back. Keep on preparing for all the awesome that lies ahead.

(taken from The Gutsy Girl’s Bible: an approach to healing the gut)

Live in the now.

Write Your Next Chapter

Rear View Mirrors on Your Gut Healing Journey

If you have been following along with me since I began my own 21 days, you have made it a week already. Nice job!

After living Gutsy for so many years now, can I share a secret with you? Not eating sugar and processed junk is not what bothers me anymore (for the most part). What continues to bother me is the fact that I still have problems digesting the foods I want to eat in bulk: quinoa, oats and vegetables.

Of course I continue to heal my gut with food and lifestyle because I want to feel optimal each day. But it’s more than that. Once the gut is really healed and thriving with good bacteria, in theory, I should be able to eat quinoa, oats and vegetables daily.

I will strive for this until it is achieved.

No matter what you’re striving for, I hope you continue to strive – strive on forwards.

Remember….we are looking ahead; we are avoiding the rear view mirror.

Ready to dig into the entire 286-page for your gut healing and gut health journey?


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