Food for thought and thought for food. Let’s explore!

Food for Thought, in the dictionary means,

anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking.

One day, while furious over pondering baby formula ingredients, I thought about the phrase as it relates to the reverse wording:

Thought for Food

“Food” and ingredients (or lack thereof) always provides me with a stimulus for thinking (ahem, over-thinking?!).

Food for Thought

People use the phrase for thinking and conversation starter on several different issues. I continue to use it for food and ingredients….and also other issues, just not the typical ones.

Never before have I been so passionate about food and ingredients; edible and non-edible. I’m also passionate about the right for people to know what they are putting in and on their bodies.

You are a big girl; you can make your decisions. But you should be informed, and you should always stay thirsty for the truth.

I lie awake some nights and wonder about food and ingredients and why on earth some food products are even thought of as “food.” The reality is that they are quite honestly anything but food. Rather, just a mish-mash of nasty ingredients sold and marketed as “food.”

Food for Thought Intention

My goal with these posts is to inspire you to think more about food and the ingredients you are putting into your body.

I’ll be sharing “foods” that I think are anything but food, their ingredients and why we should be more investigative with our food-buying decisions. That information is all under the series Packaged Goods for Digestive Wellness.

And wait, there’s more to this concept than just food.

It’s about every angle of gut health and gut healing I discuss on A Gutsy Girl. The microbiome is made up of much more than just the gut. So when I write these posts, they will be written from an informational and opinionated standpoint. 

I hope you’ll enjoy a new mental stimulus for thinking (about “food”). I sure am excited to start sharing.


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