The answers to what’s holding you back from healing your gut can perhaps be found in the story about why I chopped my hair. 

Cutting My Hair

I pondered cutting the ‘ole locks about a year ago. But then never did. 

Here’s the deal, I cut and color my hair 2-3 times a year. I know, that’s pathetic, but the person I love to do my hair most in the world lives in my small hometown in Southern Minnesota.

Each time I’d go in, I would say,

I’m really getting sick of my hair…..but I can’t part with it yet.

I’d return to California, and it would grow longer. I would grow more frustrated.

I’m super, duper minimalist when it comes to my hair. I hate when it touches me, and I hate doing it in general. I don’t own hairspray or a curling iron or really much of anything to do with these ‘ole locks.

So each day, I’d shower, leave it wet and throw it into a ponytail or bun and be on with my day.

And that sounds easy enough until it wasn’t.

My hair got longer and since it’s extremely thin, it would tangle.

These last few months I’ve been going through conditioner faster than my Great Dane goes through a bag of food.

In return, I became even more frustrated.

I dealt with it for awhile because “I couldn’t let go of my long hair.

Until one day…..

My pain point bit me hard. The pain point was so severe that I knew I couldn’t even wait until the next time I would return to the salon back home.

I got a referral in California and I went to chop that rats nest of a hair mess off.

It was long overdue.

What’s Holding You Back from Healing Your Gut?

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What's Holding You Back from Healing Your Gut #guthealth #ibs #healthyliving

In the beginning of gut misery, you deal with it.

Why would you heal it when that would mean you’d have to let go of something? Healing your gut means you’ll have to make changes, so you might not be ready.

I wanted to keep my long hair for a myriad of reasons, just as my clients often tell me the myriad of reasons why it took them so long to realize how miserable they felt

Dig deep and ask yourself:

What’s holding you back from healing your gut?

It’s always something, but the longer we don’t address that something the bigger of a problem that something becomes.

Cutting my hair was at least a year overdue.

How overdue is healing your gut?

And just like how I thought I’d magically come to love my long hair, your gut won’t just magically heal.

Excuses are always convenient in not taking grand steps forward.

But like the ends of my long hair, excuses remain dead.

Rid yourself of your excuses, dig deep today and ask:

What’s holding me back from healing my gut?

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p.s. I also have a hard-copy book with a 28-Day Meal Plan that you can grab HERE.


p.s. Not only are the new locks a huge weight off my shoulders and frustration levels, but I’ve also found an added bonus: much easier to leave down when toting a newborn around all day 🙂

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What's Holding You Back from Healing Your Gut #guthealth #healthyliving #IBS #ibd

What's Holding You Back from Healing Your Gut? Best image via #guthealth #healthyliving #ibs #IBD

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  1. This one hit home for me! I was struggling with stomach problems for most of last year – lots of acid reflux and nausea. I spent 4 months on an elimination and it made a WORLD of difference, but admittedly it was kind of bland and not exciting. After my Marathon, I fell off the diet bandwagon – HARD! And have spent the last month enjoying! Only problem is…my tummy didn’t exactly love my new delicious diet plan. So it is time to get back on the tummy-friendly track.

    1. Hey Krysten! I went back and forth like this for years. It wasn’t until I began my 101 days this past July when I knew this would be a lifelong thing. I’ve never felt better in all my life:)

  2. What’s holding me back? The fact that NO ONE knows what’s wrong with me! 🙁 That being said, I feel like for the most part… Well at least during the day, I have a handle on my stomach issues… But sometimes my small intestine just likes to use my stomach as a punching bag!

  3. Man am I blown away I eat onions,garlic and tomatoes everyday not to mention all the dark chocolate and coffee thinking all this stuff is good for me . No wonder IM not right. I also started taking a brand name pre and probiotic and it gave me the worst night time anxiety you could imagine. Thanks for the good info. PS eat well and relax

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