Did you know that gluten’s symptoms can be found outside the gut?

It’s true. I talk a ton about how gluten (and many foods in general) affects the gut by displaying symptoms of gas, bloat, and diarrhea, but the symptoms extend far beyond the stomach. 

We understand and identify with the tummy issues, but symptoms are not limited to the stomach region.

My story is a prime example.

You can take the Gluten Sensitivity Self Test to find out for yourself, but here are the various “gluten symptoms” they make note of.

Gluten’s Symptoms Can be Found Outside the Gut

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Gluten's Symptoms Can Be Found Outside the Gut agutsygirl.com #glutenfree #guthealth #gluten #celiac gluten

Digestive Symptoms 

  • Frequent bloating or gas
  • Diagnosed with IBS or acid reflux
  • Daily diarrhea or chronic constipation

Neurologic & Skeletal Symptoms 

  • Migraine or headaches
  • Joint pains or aches
  • Brain fog

Hormonal & Immune Symptoms

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Ongoing fatigue
  • Chronic eczema or acne

4 or more of these, and you could very well have a gluten sensitivity.

I had frequent bloating and gas, chronic constipation, joint pains and aches, brain fog, anxiety, acne via Perioral Dermatitis, and ongoing fatigue. And an all-out “glutenized” would lead to horrendous headaches. In fact, those headaches typically indicated I’d come down with a true illness, too. 

All of these (and more!), but I was never diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

In order to have Celiac-like symptoms, you don’t need to have an official Celiac diagnosis.

But remember, if you don’t have an official diagnosis, remember that you probably don’t have to monitor every single crumb consumed.

Gluten's Symptoms Can Be Found Outside the Gut agutsygirl.com #glutenfree #guthealth #gluten #celiac

The Immune System

The human gut plays a huge role in immune function, so eating foods over-and-over that we are sensitive to affects the immune system in a multitude of ways.

The reason we don’t correlate these symptoms with food is because we have become complacent in our thinking. We believe “this is just how I should feel.”

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We’re not.

You’re not.

If you feel horrible, even slightly, day-in and day-out, perhaps it’s time to look at the foods you’re feeding your body.

Dr. Oz recommended consulting your doctor or eliminating gluten for 2-4 weeks to truly determine if the sensitivity is there. In other words, “Elimination Diet.”

The Elimination Diet has received a ton of buzz as of late, but it’s something I have practiced, preached and mastered over the past several years.

It is the primary reason my clients have so much success with their own gut healing when they pair it with the ultimate gut healing journal HERE.

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If you need some extra hand-holding, consider grabbing the Master Gut Healing Resources HERE.


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  1. I was diagnosed with IBS years and years ago. Every since I ‘cleaned’ up my diet, my symptoms have gone down significantly. Perhaps not gluten related, but definitely food related.

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  3. If you are concerned you have Celiacs Disease, before you decide to begin an elimination diet, one should consult their doctor and ask to have a celiac biopsy done. This test will only be accurate if the individual has been consuming gluten prior to the test. As an RD I came accross your blog and wanted to add my two cents!!

    1. I agree with that, Jess. I always tell my clients to get the Celiac test done prior to removing anything. I am very educated on it:)

  4. My brother was finally diagnosed with Celiacs after years of pain (this was several years ago before gluten and Celiacs became so well known). As family is exponentially more likely to have it too, everyone has been quite aware of symptoms and such to watch for. While my dad didn’t show any digestive problems, a bone scan showed issues. My sister, also didn’t show digestive problems, but was having hair loss (a much lesser know symptom). Both tested positive to the blood test for Celiacs and have gone gluten free.

  5. I have had acne forever 20+ years. Recently I tried cutting out gluten and had great results, I don’t have any digestive symptoms but I wonder if I do have a sensitivity!

  6. I know without a doubt that wheat and gluten cause my inflammation level to skyrocket .It takes about 2 weeks for pain to subside .Apparently it runs in my family

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