Get well. Be proactive.

If you feel a cold, flu or nasty headache coming on, take evasive maneuvers. Rest. Refuel. Reconnect. Rebuild your immunity and vitality. There’s no heroism in ignoring your body’s needs.

Be Proactive

Yesterday morning I was telling Ryan that I needed to do x, y, z, zz, zzz, zzzz+ this weekend. He mentioned, “I know you have so much going on, but make sure to take some time out for yourself – or you’ll burn out.”

It’s less about burning out for me because I’m finally excited, happy and passionate each day.

What it is about, though, is being cognizant that I don’t ignore my body’s needs. The mind and body are one, and yet just because my mind keeps telling my body to push, push, push, doesn’t mean the body will agree.

Rest. Refuel. Reconnect.

I identified most with those 3 words.


Sleep and Gut Healing Be Proactive

Sleep as often as possible. Take my 2-3 days off from the gym (usually). Put my feet up. Read a book. Breathe. Stay still and silent.


Sweet Potato Hash Eat Paleo DinnerI’m trying to build muscle, so this is really important. I must eat, eat on my intervals and keep it 90-95% clean. I can’t ever get too busy that I forget about those building blocks.


With real people, in real life. Call my mom. Have a date with Ryan. See friends. Talk IRL.

Right now the last thing I can afford is to be ill in body, mind or spirit. I need to be the hero in my everyday life; taking the resting, refueling and reconnecting by the horns.

So how about you…..are you proactive? Or do you try to be a 24/7 hero, ultimately leading to a reactive lifestyle?

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