A healthy life is more a marathon than a sprint. So start where you are. Choose sensible, sustainable shifts over instant cures and quick fixes.

I’ve been blogging so much that I think my fingers might fall off. Luckily for me, today I have a wonderful guest to introduce you all to, and subsequently who will let these fingers rest a quick second!

Today is day 12 of 101 days of blogging. This weekend try to pay attention to what day 12 is all about….going at your own pace. I have a bazillion things to do, but I’m going to be sensible and take it all one step at a time. I hope you’ll do the same!

Enough about me, meet Clare. Clare Brady that is. Clare is a fellow IIN’er. She’s also just simply fabulous, and she blogs at fitting it all in. She’s adorable. She’s also gutsy. And here’s why….

When Sarah changed her blog name to “A Gusty Girl I was immediately intrigued. Obviously the title has a double meaning for her, but for me it was just the first time I’d really thought about what it means to be “gutsy”. It’s a good thing right? Having guts? But did I have guts?

That’s the first picture when you google “gutsy girl”, FYI.
That’s the first picture when you google “gutsy girl”, FYI.

I tend to think of doing something gutsy as being a really big deal. Like smacking your cheating boyfriend in the face or telling off your mean boss in some overly dramatic, perfectly scripted speech. Or something like that.
But here’s the thing. The chances of me ever doing those things are slim, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be gutsy in my own way. What takes guts for one person might be no big deal to another person – it’s totally individual. Maybe for you being gutsy is trying a new food at the grocery store or finally signing up for that pottery class you’d been eyeing. As long as it’s something that takes courage and puts you outside your comfort zone, it’s gutsy.

Me giving my best gutsy face
Me giving my best gutsy face

Here are five ways I am a gutsy girl:

fitting it all in
fitting it all in


  1. I started my blog. It took me a LONG time to be ready to open up about my eating disorder, and I was incredibly nervous to press publish that first time. However it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not only it did improve relationships with my friends and family, but it connected me to so many other beautiful, inspirational, like-minded people. My blog continuously gives me joy when I hear that I’ve helped someone or just get a sweet email from a reader.
  2. I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. It was less than a year after I’d graduated college and I had just started my first “real world” job. Who the heck was I, enrolling in a school that was totally opposite my major and chosen career? My parents definitely didn’t understand why I was so stuck on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, but I had a gut feeling (pun 100% intended) and knew it was the right move for me. IIN opened so many doors and I adore seeing clients, so I can’t believe I ever hesitated!
  3. I moved to Dallas. Okay with that one I really didn’t have a choice. My St. Louis-based company moved me last summer and I had less than a month’s notice. But what I’m proud of is that I embraced the move. I found a single apartment, I reached out to a few new friends, and I created my own life. It’s not “home” where I have my family and high school friends and familiar streets, but it’s entirely mine and the endless possibilities of a fresh start are invigorating.
  4. I quit my job. That job that I moved to Dallas for? Yeah I quit. 6 months into it I found myself incredibly unhappy and not at all excited about my future opportunities. Despite the fact that I could get my MBA paid for, continue to work for a very reputable St. Louis company, and get significant salary increases, I wanted a career I was passionate about. I accepted a new position at an ad agency where I get to work in a creative environment and I am in an infinitely better place because of it.
  5. I said yes. One of the main reasons I wanted to become a Certified Health Coach was to open up new opportunities in not only health coaching but also freelance writing. However, even after receiving my certification, I still lacked confidence. I didn’t think I knew enough, was good enough, or was qualified given my past struggles with eating. But right around the time I quit my job, something clicked. I control my future and I have something to offer. I started coaching the clients that approached me and I reached out to websites and magazines about writing for them. I still don’t think I’m the best in the world, but I’m learning so much and working my hardest. That’s all I can ask for, right?


When I actually sat down and examined the past few years of my life, I realized I’m a lot gutsier than I thought. No boyfriend-slapping or boss-yelling for me, but gutsy in my own way. And proud!


Tomorrow is day 13. Topic:

Be Proactive

Love your guts,

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  1. Love the post and that first photo… so much fun. Although can you fly without a cape? Or should you? Seems like a prerequisite. Ohhh. We need Gutsy Girl capes… how cool would that be?

    1. Oh my gosh…we SO NEED them! Have you ever seen my mantra from Curly Girl Designs?! “I’m fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara I could save the world.” PERFECT!

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