Sharing 18 things about me today for my 35th birthday, one might shock you.

In no particular order, here they are.

18 Things About Me

18 Things About Me Smiles Mark Cuban

  1. I am a mama to 3 littles: Samarah (4), Isaiah (2), Amiya (1) (you can play along with us there via @sarahkayhoffman)
  2. All 3 of my children were adopted from the foster care system
  3. My husband is one of the best people I’ve ever known on the planet
  4. I was diagnosed at 25 with Ulcerative Colitis and at 31 with SIBO, but today I am in remission on ALL without flares or symptoms (I share the journey and ‘how’ via @agutsygirl)
  5. And I played ice hockey in high school (was the goalie) 
  6. I’ll always crave mountains and trail running
  7. I live and breathe and will die by Ecclesiastes 3:11
  8. I’m going on 8 years gluten free
  9. I workout a ton because it’s my jam – lift and run – BUT rarely show selfies and workout stuff on my feed because I couldn’t care less if you want to know the truth (I do some on stories)
  10. Green is my fav color, but I’m totally loving and borderline obsessed with the Pantone color of the year – Ultra Violet
  11. I professionally blog at (also formerly + currently – duh, yes, that’s here!
  12. I believe in organic food + top skincare (aka Beautycounter for me), BUT I am sick and tired of those who are so hardcore that they shame anyone and everyone who isn’t dogmatic
  13. If I knew it was my last meal on Earth, I’d have: pancakes, cake, + a sushi bowl
  14. In my professional life, I am a ‘Content Creator and Digital Storyteller‘ in the natural food industry
  15. I lived in California for 11 years, and this past December moved back home where my heart is, to Minnesota
  16. My work was featured this past fall on Shark Tank, which is how you can understand why….
  17. I love this picture above (taken a week ago) with Mark Cuban in the background ????
  18. I am an introvert with passion, drive, + love that fuels my life + existence daily 

After reading my list, is there something that stands out?

I’ll tell you what it is. Number 12.

Dogmatic Health, Fitness, and Wellness

A woman I know recently posted this on her Facebook, “Anyone else cringe when they see people wearing Fitbits (and the like), Apple Watch, etc on their wrists?!”

To which I responded, “Why?”

And another woman chimed in, “Why would you strap an object known to cause cancer cell growth to your body? They’re highly carcinogenic. And right on an artery too?! It’s madness.”

I replied, “I care a lot about food and many other things from a “cancer-causing” perspective. I had never heard this before. As an athlete, I always have my Garmin on. Thanks for the info. All of that said, at some point, I refuse to live in fear over every last thing.”

And she said, “Just as you wouldn’t get an x-ray or MRI or any other radiation or walk around with a phone strapped to your head every day, it’s sadly not a “little last thing” to worry about.” 

Back and forth we went, leaving me feeling just more frustrated.

Education vs. Fear

I love being educated on and feeling empowered by learning and studying food, skincare, and other lifestyle and wellness issues. But I am so over and completely exhausted by every last thing on this Earth “known to cause Cancer,” putting and placing fear into our lives. 

It wasn’t until just recently when I could finally see and understand how those not in this space and place of wellness feel alienated and overwhelmed. (Moving back to Minnesota, in a town of 9,000 people, puts it into perspective because no there isn’t the same access to lifestyle factors here.)

I have chosen to live the way I do for very specific reasons, namely that everything I have done is a result of past experiences and illness. I have chosen these things because I want to feel my very best every single day. 

The woman who originally wrote the post told me, “There’s a significant difference between living in fear and living empowered.” And she’s right. That said, this whole idea of living empowered around wearing a Garmin (or anything else) could be subjective. For every researched article about something, there is an entirely different side of the research published elsewhere. 

Do I believe that Cancer is rapidly on the rise because of food, Garmins, electronics, chemicals, etc, etc? Yes, absolutely. 100% I do. But I also know that my dad has never once, in a day of his life, worn a Garmin and he has Cancer. So what was “his thing?” I don’t know. Probably a million things. 

That’s the point. We don’t know, and it was so many things that to live in fear around every last thing certainly doesn’t make me feel like life is as wonderful as I believe it is. 

Summer Pad Thai Noodle Salad Lotus Organic Noodles

I am never going to stop researching, studying, and living as best I can. Ever. But I am going to live based on the things I know are making me feel well and have me thriving vs. reacting and interacting with every last piece of information out there.

Never Live in Fear

You have to decide for yourself. You have to take inventory of your current health status; where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to be. But the one thing you should never do is live filled with fear because it’s stressful and unnecessary and stress comes with a whole host of issues and problems on its own.

At the end of the day, I believe with my whole heart that we are here on Earth for a very specific time and reason. THIS is why I choose Organic, but no, I absolutely do not believe that making these choices will have me live to see 150.

And while I’m here…..healthy, happy, and not living in fear is the goal.

Anything else from the list surprise you? Tell me 18 things about yourself – or just a few 🙂


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  1. This! I’m 39 years old a d I have 3 friends on “Maintenance Chemo” 2 of them led exceptionally healthy lives but their jobs were extremely dangerous/stressful and exposed them to very toxic chemicals for decades at work (paramedic at a race track and fire fighter) and the youngest a 36 year old mom on her second gi around of cancer who eats healthy and exercised but invasive breast cancer at 31, mastectomy, Chemo, radiation and 2 years “clean” before Mets. How do we truly LIVE if we always live in fear? 25 years cancer free here. I eat healthy, watch my sun exposure (melanoma stage II), exercise, love my family and friends, have faith, seek out adventure and set big goals but I occasionally drink milk or have a cocktail. I eat jr mints and butter and salt covered popcorn when watching a movie. I know how to shoot a gun and harvest my own food.

  2. Love this! Thank you for sharing.
    #1 I am a triplet.
    #2 I wear a Fitbit. ????
    #3 I love working out.
    #4 I am a cancer survivor.
    #5 I am a nurse.
    #6 I am very outgoing but was painfully shy as a child.
    #7 I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer 2 years ago.
    #8 I love life and being of service to others.
    #9 Vietnamese food is one of my faves.
    #10 I love a challenge.

  3. Ice hockey did surprise me but then seeing how active you are I shouldn’t have been surprised. My top ten:
    I’m a Jehovah’s Witness , married to the love of my life (8 years this December and friends for 12 years), Foster parent, six kids( 3 bio, 2 adopted and 1 foster) and praying for one more, my dream job would be working at a zoo or aquarium , favorite past time leisure is staying in bed with a good book, 2x cancer survivor, my school years: I was in drama club in elementary, a cheerleader in middle school and danced in high school (dancing is still a passion), I speak a little/still learning both Vietnamese and ASL, and I’ve lived in Italy and Germany as a child.

  4. This is great and so true, Sarah. It’s definitely important to be mindful, but I don’t see how spending time obsessing and being dogmatic can lead to good health. One’s mental state is part of the picture too. It’s also not very kind when people shame others for not wanting to be as obsessive as them! If they really want to share their perspective, they can easily do so from a place of compassion instead of judgment.

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