This food is good for you unless it’s not! Do you know what it is? 

Me neither.

After I got done reading Chris Kresser’s article Coffee is good for you – unless it’s not, I stayed fixated on the idea that this food and that food or those foods but not these foods are good for you – unless they’re not.

This Food is Good for You Unless It’s Not

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This Food is Good for You Unless It's Not #guthealth #foodintolerance #gut

I have been procrastinating on getting my SIBO and adrenal fatigue tests redone.

About a year ago, the outcome was not good. I had SIBO so badly that I took B12 injections to the stomach for quite some time. My adrenal fatigue, also, was horrendous, with all levels about bottomed out and my doctor telling me that if I didn’t get better “extreme measures would have to be taken.”

Physically I feel so much better and I have never thrived like this in my entire life.

But I am smart enough to know that just because I feel a certain way doesn’t mean the whole story is being told.

So getting these tests redone are a little scary, but probably not for the reasons you are thinking.

I can handle anything.

But if my tests show that there is still significant work to do on both the SIBO and adrenal fatigue then my battles are deep and the ways towards healing them (via the food component) can be quite contradictory.

Healing SIBO with Food

When it comes to the food aspect of healing SIBO, the name of the game is low FODMAPs.

However, there is a sane way of doing it which I discuss via Reasonable SIBO.

Furthermore, no matter what anyone says, it’s also a matter of intense gut healing all around. There are foods I’m eating currently that I would likely have to cut (i.e. non-Paleo-friendly things) again.

This Food is Good for You Unless it's not #guthealth #food #healthyliving

Healing Adrenal Fatigue with Food

When it comes to the food aspect of healing adrenal fatigue, what I know for certain is that most “rules” need to be broken, at least for me.

I got myself into the adrenal fatigue mess (for the most part) through years of rules and restrictions and playing if/then statements around food and workouts.

It’s true that there are certain foods that can help or hinder the adrenal fatigue healing process, but for me, it’s mostly just true that I eat, eat, eat without any kind of rules.

Also, this plays into gut health vs. gut healing.

Which is Healthier?

Coffee is good for you – unless it’s not

Back to Chris Kresser’s article.

If my SIBO is not fully gone, black coffee is okay (it is low FODMAP). But if my adrenal fatigue is still significant coffee might have to become completely off limits.

Note: If you’re interested in hearing more about this topic, listen to Podcast Episode 2: Does coffee cause inflammation HERE.


And that’s why this whole health and wellness and true healing journey is so difficult for many people.

There are no two individuals who will require the exact same thing because there are no two individuals who have the exact same conditions, the exact same past and/or the exact same genetic makeup.

This is also why research surrounding individual foods is, in my opinion, irrelevant. All the great benefits of coffee in the world will do me zero good if my levels are still bottomed out just like all the health benefits for garlic are irrelevant if I still have SIBO.

It’s true….we are not what we eat, but rather what we digest and absorb.

Because we should all know what food(s) are good for us – unless they are not.

And do you want to know the #1 way to understand what foods are good for you and which are not?

Here you go. Learn more about the 90-day gut healing journal and grab the e-version HERE or have the physical copy sent your way by filling in this information.


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This Food is Good for You - Unless It's Not Coffee #food #guthealth #healthyliving #IBS #coffee This Food is Good for You - Unless It's Not #food #guthealth #healthyliving #IBS

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