Are you ready for this?! A Gluten-Free Campfire S’more with honey vanilla bourbon peanut butter.

Camping in California

Against my better judgment, I agreed to go camping over the 4th of July with Ryan and several other people because they have found a great article at about camping and they got excited.

It’s not that I didn’t want to go. I did. Desperately. At heart, I’m a child who loves to play, be dirty and not have a care in the world. I grew up frequenting the campground scene in southern Minnesota.

But I have an extreme phobia of snakes.

When we first moved to California, a kid who worked for me came back from camping and proudly exclaimed,”We woke up in the morning to a rattler outside the tent. I grabbed my knife, opened the tent and killed it.

WHAT? We never even saw garter snakes while camping in Minnesota. Surely he was lying.

And still, I’ve been scared to go ever since.

So when my arm was twisted we decided to go this year, I had extreme anxiety. But alas, I never saw a single snake. And truth be told, camping totally rocked.

Perhaps it was the company, the beautiful lake and the multitude of laughs.

Or perhaps it was the gluten-free campfire s’more I concocted.

I didn’t use a gluten-free graham cracker. I didn’t even do the traditional marshmallow + chocolate only.

Nope. I paved my own way, using a rice cake and an extra ingredient.

And since this upcoming weekend is basically the last weekend of summer, I thought now was as good of time as any to share with you.

campfire s'more
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A Gluten-Free Campfire S’more with honey vanilla-bourbon peanut butter

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A Gluten-Free Campfire S’more with honey vanilla-bourbon peanut butter #smore #glutenfree #peanutbutter #dessert #camping

Ingredients You’ll need

How to Make this Magic

  1. Smother a rice cake with the honey vanilla bourbon peanut butter.
  2. Place your chocolates on top of the honey vanilla bourbon peanut butter.
  3. Roast your marshmallow – over the fire – get it to a nice, golden brown (you may want 2 if you’ll be using a whole rice cake).
  4. Place the marshmallow(s) over the chocolate and honey vanilla bourbon peanut butter.
  5. Top with another rice cake, smashing it down so the edges ooze with greatness.

My friend Ally fell in love with theHoney Vanilla Bourbon Peanut Butter that night. She made regular ‘ole s’mores, but kept saying,

I need more of that nutter butter but nutter….oh whatever it is!

So let’s all be honest here….Ally this post is just for you, sugar!


A Gluten-Free Campfire S'more with honey vanilla-bourbon peanut butter #glutenfree from get the peanut butter at

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  1. Interesting!!! This past weekend, I went away lakeside, too, and as much as I enjoy the outdoors, my fear is spiders (although snakes are scary, too!!) We also did smores, but I did do the chocolate-and-marshmallow thing, no cracker. Still tasty!! I’m not a huge fan of rice cakes, but it is a good gluten-free way to get in on the smore action. Thanks!

    1. I hate that about fears! Seriously this s’more was so good. If I weren’t on my 101 days right now, I’d dig in this weekend. 🙂

  2. This is certainly one GOURMET SMORE! lol!!!!! Ahhh smores! I remember those! 🙂 I would only eat the marshmallow and graham cracker though, separately – lol and usually I wouldn’t even cook the marshmallow, lol! Odd individual I am.

    1. Seriously! And did you know…Dairy Queen has a s’more blizzard? It’s infested with gluten so I cannot eat it, but my husband said it was to die for:)

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