When I say, “self healing,” I am not talking about diagnosing and then treating yourself. 

January’s challenge for a year of whole healing is/was Weaning Off Coffee

I’m here to present the details for our February, “Healing Letters” challenge. 

Inspiration for Healing Letters

February is a lovey-dovey cliche, all about the heart.

Not only is it Valentine’s Day, but also National Heart Disease Awareness Month. 

February is also my birthday month (along with all three of my dog children’s birthdays!). 

So when thinking about my healing journey and what mattered most along the way, I was taken back to a scene from just prior to my wedding. 

It was a scene and situation that would, without a doubt, change me forever. It’s a story I still hold very tight to the vest; someday I will share it.

But why this matters to you and for the month of healing letters is because on that day, I was able to begin releasing emotions I never knew had been silently killing me inside.

Afterwards, I slowly began reflecting, writing, and looking inwards on what it all meant. 

These things drastically helped guide my journey for the next decade.

I believe with my whole heart that the experience and what I took after it by way of writing letters, made a massive impact.

So let’s dive into more on the topic and how you can join for the month.

Self Healing {through healing letters}

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Self Healing through healing letters 12 months of whole healing experiments and challenges agutsygirl.com #guthealing #healthychallenge #healthychallenges #healthexperiments

When I say “self healing,” I am referring to it in the ways the all-knowing Wikipedia defines it,

Self-healing refers to the process of recovery (generally from psychological disturbances, trauma, etc.), motivated by and directed by the patient, guided often only by instinct. Such a process encounters mixed fortunes due to its amateur nature, although self-motivation is a major asset. The value of self-healing lies in its ability to be tailored to the unique experience and requirements of the individual. The process can be helped and accelerated with introspection techniques such as Meditation.

I had the incredible honor of recording an episode for the podcast with Natalie Ehmka. She makes it very clear that as humans, we know the answers. Everything is already deep within us. Instead of seeking validation, we must trust self far more.

And one way to realize that which already lies within us is to write these healing letters.

In the 12 Months of Whole Healing post, here is what I stated about this challenge:

  • letters to help heal the whole self
  • happy letters
  • sad letters
  • letters to your “old self”
  • letters to your current self
  • old relationships
  • lost relationships
  • etc. 

But now it’s time for the details so you can decide if and how you’ll join the healing letters challenge. 

Details for the February Challenge

I like sharing exactly how I am going about these challenges so that it can provide you with inspiration and ideas for your own challenge.

My goal is to write the following letters throughout the month:

  1. Gratitude letters to various people in my life. These letters I will give to them.
  2. A letter to my younger self. No one but me needs to see this one.
  3. Re-read the “letters” I wrote to Dad during his final month before passing. I know this sounds harsh, but I am able to recall so many things about that time period when I do it. But yes, yes it’s painful for me.

In addition

I’m going to write self healing letter prompts for you. These will publish on February 9th when the podcast episode with Natalie airs.

And finally, I’ll write a letter to you.

And I’m inviting you to do the same.

Gutsy Community Letter

You know what’s so cool about this community? We are all at different stages of the journey. But no matter where we’re at, we possess so much encouragement and wisdom. 

Yes, even you, and even if you think you have nothing to offer. 

I promise, you do.

In addition, to writing your own healing letters, I’m encouraging you to share healing letters with each other. This is a way to connect with the Gutsy Girl community and help uplift other women going through the same gutsy challenges as yourself.

The letters will be completely anonymous and can be as long or as short as you desire. I’m not collecting emails or anything. I just want the community to come together for support.

Some inspiration for your letter:

  • Words of encouragement
  • Favorite healing quotes
  • Advice you wish you knew sooner
  • Recommendations for favorite products

Click HERE to submit your thoughts. Or, fill the form out right on this page!

Daily Gratitude + Habits Tracker

I’m keeping track of what I do via my 90-day gut healing journal, just as I did for the coffee challenge.

I’ll have “Healing Letter” as a column on the Habits Tracker. Additionally, the days I write a letter, I wil put that down for my daily one-liner gratitude at the top of the daily page.

Remember, this journal will be perfection for these 12 months of challenges. You can get your e-journal HERE or purchase the physical copy right here.

I’m in! How Do I Join the Healing Letters Challenge?

Remember, there are zero requirements or financial commitments.

For this challenge in particular, there isn’t really anything you need to prep or buy. You just need to let a little guard down and be open to putting your thoughts from pen to paper.

I’m doing this free of charge, and I don’t expect anything in return except that you join, love it, and learn a lot about yourself and whole healing.

You’ll be able to see what and how I’m personally doing daily, weekly, or whatever I feel like.

Ways you can “join in:”

  • The Rated-G Email Club (sign up HERE if you’re not part of it yet)
  • Instagram (I’ll also use this hashtag -> #12monthsofhealingexperiments)
  • Private Facebook group HERE. I have created this so there is an extra support chat room for those who want it!
  • Right here, agutsygirl.com (I’ll do a recap post at the completion of each experiment)

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Self Healing {through healing letters} agutsygirl.com #therapy #gutbrain #healingletters


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