I want to share with you how to conduct your weekly gut healing check-in.

On your gut healing journey, it’s important that you’re constantly asking yourself, 

How is this working for me?

By keeping stagnant and getting too complacent with any given routine/protocol, you might not make the progress you’re hoping for.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying.

I believe that gut healing needs consistency and routine. But I do not believe that the routine can’t change (when it’s not working).

Weekly Gut Healing Check-In {How to Conduct One}

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If you already have your 90-day gut healing journal, the weekly check-in prompts are already there for you. The first page you’ll see them is on page 33. 

Don’t yet have your journal. Grab the physical copy below. Or get the e-version (PDF download) HERE to get started today.


Then, of course, you’ll find one at the end of each week.

There are four major weekly check-in pieces to ask yourself and complete. 

Here they are.

  1. Week Highlights
  2. Top 3 Things I Learned This Week
  3. How I Feel Overall
  4. How Is This Working For Me?

Now, let’s break each one down more.

Week Highlights

Go back and look at each of your daily pages. Ask yourself:

  • Was I grateful each day? (i.e. Did I write my one-liner daily gratitude?)
  • Of my gratitude thoughts, which was the best?
  • What was the number 1 highlight from this week? Remember, this doesn’t need to be anything huge or complex. Honestly, it can be as simple as, “I chose less intense workouts. And I felt far less bloat.”
  • Maybe just make a note that when you rated overall day for 7 days, you noticed that the majority of them were at a “4,” when in the past they have been hovering somewhere between a “2/3.” That’s a highlight!

Top 3 Things I Learned This Week

Look over your week. What are 3 things you learned? These things can be about you and your healing process (physical, mental, emotional). Or, they can be other things you learned.

If you have the 90-day gut healing journal, I give ample space, ideas, and ways for writing down questions, thoughts, research, and anything else you’re interested in for your own journey.

Go back through the week and reflect.

How I Feel Overall

In order to reflect and answer this one, you must lean in and really listen to your body.

You can use cues from the daily pages about overall daily energy, mood, and how you rated the day. But for the most part, just sit for 5 minutes, and ask yourself, “How am I feeling overall?”

There is a reason it’s called, “gut feeling.” You know deep down what your gut is saying (physically and metaphorically).

Be honest, and write how you feel.

How Is This Working For Me?

In some ways, this question is similar to the above. But it’s mostly entirely separate.

In 2014, I started asking this question after an encounter with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum.

This encounter was at the height of my illness. It was right after my SIBO diagnosis so I was bloated, miserable, and my face was covered with the scaly rash better known as Perioral Dermatitis.

Anyways, here is what happened during our brief (albeit mighty) conversation.

We talked about many things as they relate to the gut, but then he and I talked about me in particular – my Colitis and other health issues I’ve faced. I learned a lot from him in such a short amount of time, but the thing that has stayed with me the longest were six words he flipped back to me.

It came up while we were talking about the Probiotic I take. He said it was a quality Probiotic, but then simply turned it back to me….

Well, Sarah, let me ask you,

How is that working for you?

I said, “Great.”

He replied, “Then there is your answer.

(I documented all of this with a post, “How is That Working for You?”)


That day, I answered him straight off the cuff. Again, there wasn’t much time and it was sort of rapid fire Q&A.

As I’m able to look back on the journey as a whole today, I can see that I lied (but wasn’t intending to).

I was at my worst. SIBO was the main issue, and the “high-quality” probiotic I was taking was one that had over 100 billion CFU’s (colony-forming unit). 

The probiotic was just one of many things that was keeping me miserable.

BUT…..because I was taking so many things, not keeping an accurate journal, and not being honest with myself about what really was or was not working, I didn’t actually know.

So Answer it Clearly and Honestly

Because of that experience, I’m more confident than ever that you must critically look at every single piece to your healing journey and ask,

How is this working for me?

You are not doing a rapid fire Q&A; you have the time to think about the pieces that are or are not truly behooving your healing journey.

And listen, you might not know. That’s part of the process. If you are unsure about something, write it down. This way, if you tend to see this unsure feeling about it week-after-week, there might be something there.

Remember, this isn’t just about “how is this supplement working for me?” It also includes things like, “How is this……”:

  • career working for me?
  • relationship working for me?
  • super strict diet protocol working for me?
  • new medication working for me?
  • sleep schedule working for me?

And so on. 

I’m obsessed with helping you heal in a fraction of the time.

This is why a page as “simple” as the weekly check-in was this thought out.

Use every last line and space available to reflect.

Weekly Check-in page How to conduct one using a gut healing journal agutsygirl.com #journal #journaling #newyear #guthealth

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