Kendall Strampel connected with me quite some time back. We finally had the chance to sit down and record an episode for her podcast that she titled, “The Repercussions of Overexercising and Under Eating on the Gut.”

Kendall – Fearstofit

One of the most incredible parts of growing a large community that focuses on women and “gutsy” women’s topics is connecting with these women from all over the world. It’s been very humbling to receive daily messages filled with gratitude, but one of my favorite parts is when someone comes to me and asks if I’d share pieces of my story and the journey on their own platform.

In case you’re not aware of who Kendall is, she is known as fearstofit on Instagram. She has built a community of over 200,000 followers on that platform alone, and strives to help millennial women love their bodies without giving up fun foods. She also has an adorable YouTube channel.

Seriously. When I sat down to record the podcast with her, I fell in love with her sweet personality.

Kendall is all things fitness, which is very apparent on all her platforms. She was interested in speaking with me because, like many other fitness women I come across, gut health has a very deep connection with fitness. 

I would know, too. I was the girl who destroyed a lot of my hormones and any good gut health I might have left with overexercising and under eating.

The Repercussions of Overexercising and Under Eating on the Gut quote gut health #sibo #ibs #ibd #guthealth #fitness

2015 was the first time I really started talking a lot about it: 3 Shocking Things I Learned About Healing and What Happens When You Do Not Eat Enough. (p.s. My friend Tina Muir just released her book about this, too, Overcoming Amenorrhea: Get Your Period Back. Get Your Life Back. She was an Elite runner, and is sharing her story.)

Today I am very open and honest about it all.

Why? Because I do not want the same for you!

The Repercussions of Overexercising and Under Eating on the Gut

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The Repercussions of Overexercising and Under Eating on the Gut quote gut health #sibo #ibs #ibd #guthealth #fitness fears to fit podcast

The episode was released on 1/21/2019. Click HERE to listen to it now.

Sound Bites

Here are a few sound bites, things I said during the interview, from the recording:

I stayed miserable in my stomach, but I was getting more compliments So I just kept going around and around in those circles.


I  will never forget what the dentist said to me, ‘perhaps you just have an intolerance to food.’ That was the first time in my life anyone said anything about food to me. Maybe the things I was eating just weren’t working for my body. So in a sense that dentist really changed my world because I started to think about food very differently than I had before. Before, food was just like weight watchers… how could I eat the least amount of points and get the most? And for me that always meant the 2 point snack cakes or the suckers that were like 1 point.


I didn’t want to change the way I was living. I didn’t want to change the way I was eating because that was hard, like what are you supposed to eat?


I did this 21 day “detox”, which is what the gutsy girl bible is based off of. These 21 days were the first time I ever made a correlation. I felt miserable on days 1-20 and “magically” on day 21, everything went away.

And finally (my fave, Y’all)….

I knew then that I wanted to completely devote my life to getting better and then to helping other women get better.

Listen to the Podcast

But seriously, click HERE to listen to the full recording. It’s actually not too long, and I think you’ll get a lot out of it because I share practical tips at the end.

Have your own podcast? I’d love to chat about possibly recording together! Just contact me.


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