These days I train with Tabata workouts because they are much less than I have ever done before.

They are hybrid because the way in which I create them is sort of CrossFit meets Tabata. According to my severe adrenal fatigue I should probably not be working out at all, but given that I have been learning how to re-live my life in so many ways these past couple of years, I simply am not willing to give it up for good. In fact, I’d argue that by giving up these minimal things which make me happy, thereby reducing stress, I might suffer even more.

I’m not here to justify my Tabata workouts. Today I’m here to share the new ones I created for January.

In December, I shared with you three x 29-minute workouts. I like to change up my workouts every 4-6’ish weeks, so it was time for a new set to begin.

The workouts I’m currently doing (as opposed to these awful workouts of the past) leave me feeling empowered, strong and simply healthy all around (even though the adrenal test didn’t show it). Furthermore, I have gone from this:

Tabata Workouts Bloated

To this….

Tabata Workouts

(Funny thing is that in the first picture I think I was technically 5 pounds lighter than I am now.)

I have no idea, though, because I have completely given up the scale.

What I know for sure is that these workouts make me feel alive, and I am (literally) moving only 28 minutes, 3 days a week (except for the daily activity mentioned HERE plus maybe, maybe, maybe one extra day of 12-16 minutes).

Exhaustion is not a badge of honor.

Healing is.

And with that, grab my workouts if you’d like to join along.

Tabata Workouts

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Tabata Workouts

Tabata Workout 1

Note: For the cardio sprints, we have usually been running.

Tabata Workouts Tabata Workout 1

Tabata Workout 2

Tabata Workouts Tabata Workout 2

Tabata Workout 3

Tabata Workouts Tabata Workout 3

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  1. I’m grabbing them! I used to think a workout of less than an hour was not going to give results. Finally I was convinced last summer these type of workouts are very beneficial physically and lifestyle wise. I’m hooked on short intense workouts now, so thanks for posting!

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