Today is Small Business Saturday. I have 17 ideas for small business Saturday shopping to share with you.

Yesterday my alarm went off at 3:30am. I hobbled out of bed, got ready and made the 70+-minute drive to my Commercial Kitchen. 170+ jars were produced, and then I made the trek home. I was recently diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue (more on this later this week likely) and so, quite honestly, I was exhausted the rest of the day.

Owning my own business has been hard. Lest what people think, I am not rolling in cash. I have taken no money home yet. But something has me persist on. Maybe it’s that I run a business with purpose or that I enjoy the creative outlet. Perhaps it’s that I want to show Samarah she can do anything she wants in life, or maybe just maybe it’s because I truly want to create the best nut butter option out there.

Whatever the case might be, I have persisted on, even after weeks like this past week when I’ve questioned giving up it all.

I believe this is the pride of a small business owner.

Not here nor on the A Loving Spoon nut butter blog will you find holiday gift ideas from big-box stores. Ryan and I are committed to 75+% of our holiday gifts to come from small businesses this year. I am not the only one who sheds blood, sweat and tears for my business. There are millions of us, and we only survive through the support of loyal customers.

For Small Business Saturday today, I put together a list of several holiday gift ideas for you to join this mission in supporting the small (maybe local) business.

17+ Ideas for Small Business Saturday Shopping

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17+ Ideas for Small Business Saturday Shopping #smallbusiness #shopsmall #entrepreneur #mompreneur

  1. {for the Celiac/newly diagnosed Celiac/gluten-free’er in your life}: Book: Celiac and the Beast (This is my friend Erica, I have the book and I am currently reading it.)
  2. {for the dessert Coconut Butter lover in your life}: Nikki’s Coconut Butter (This is my friend Nikki. She rocks, and we share a passion for this dessert’ing nut butter life.)
  3. {for the fitness girl in your life}: anything from The Lift Like a Girl Store (Not only does Nia know her stuff, but she is practical in a world filled with insane methods to achieve insane results. I have/have done her (s)hero tank, 15 week muscle sculpting program, and most recently the 12-week dumbbell and bodyweight program. I will do another one, an even more simplified one starting soon! Print one off, wrap in a bow and give as a gift.)
  4. {for the girl who needs life-body-self-love inspiration}: As Is (Erin’s book is phenomenal! I have it. I am working my way through – it’s the same 21-day format as The Gutsy Girl’s Bible – in January.)
  5. {for the small business owner/PR girl in your life}: e-Book: The Buzz (Karen, aka, KJ is one of my most favorite MN-turned-CA girls. And she knows PR like none other. She owns Hearsay, and even if you don’t know a small business owner who could benefit from this, chances are you are a small business owner and you should download this immediately! For the record, it was KJ who got me on the cover of HERLIFE Magazine!)
  6. {for the makeup, skincare and beauty enthusiast in your life}: Personal, shameless, plug – my Beautycounter business. Beautycounter is my jam. It’s safe and beautiful, and it works.
  7. {for the fashion-forward girl in your life}: White Plum Boutique (Hilary is one of my favorite mompreneurs. We were going about our lives, fermenting veggies, when she told me about White Plum. Her business has grown immensely since. They offer affordable, vintage inspired clothing that rocks!)
  8. {for the treats-lover in your life}: The Caramel Jar (Gifts, caramel corn, hand-wrapped caramels and more…..yum! If you frequent Etsy, chances are you have stumbled upon her store before. Buy! She is so wonderful, and her customers come back time-and-time again.)
  9. {for the tea aficionado}: Book: Steeped: Recipes Infused with Tea (This is such a cool concept, and my friend Annelies is the author. It’s a cookbook bring tea to the table in 70 freshly-brewed recipes with tea. Making tea more enjoyable, one sip at time! -> Kind of like my tea jello.)
  10. {for the hometown girl}: Go find a local coffee shop, gift shop, spa, etc. Grab gifts, goodies, and gift cards to show your support while giving a gift they will love and use. These are my favorite gifts to receive!
  11. {for the creative planner}: Erin Condren Planners (I have always been a Franklin Covey-er. Until now. This year I’m supporting small business, and getting an Erin Condren Planner. Check her out. Do you have one?!)
  12. {for the smoothie, juice and/or vegan}: The Blender Girl (Tess’ book is stunning. I have it, and I have her brand new app. We have made so many things of hers, and a huge bonus is that Samarah looooves her some smoothies. Babies and adults alike will love all that Tess has to offer.)
  13. {for a better jam}: Just Jan’s Jam (A Loving Spoon nut butter doesn’t really believe in PB+J. We are all about straight PB, but we love jam….just in different ways! I belong to an uber-private Women’s Food Entrepreneur group with Jan. I love her jam selection, and you can never go wrong with jam as pairing for many things –> I love it on wild salmon.)
  14. {for the spiralizer or soon-to-be spiralizer on your list}: Book: Inspiralized (If you are already a fan of spiralizing, then you likely know Ali, the “inspiralized” girl. I love Ali and her sweetness. I took up spiralizing about a year ago, and I’ve never looked back. I can’t wait to get her book for self and for friends.)
  15. {for the special condiment and foodie friends}: Not Ketchup Fruit Ketchups + Bees Knees Spicy Honey (Have you ever seen such an awesome alternative to Ketchup? Another on of my food entrepreneur friends is the creator. She believes in “dipping differently.” Morgen is also a fellow food entrepreneur that I “met” via a podcast Hilary told me to listen to which featured him. I love following their start-up blog, and I think what they are doing is not only awesome, but super simple and minimalist.)
  16. {for the “life moments,” creative scrapbooking person}: Heidi Swapp (I used to be into Creative Memories. I am transitioning to Heidi Swapp because I love everything she has to offer. She has grown a ton, and I’d think she’s not so much of a super small business anymore, but still small enough. I have so many things of hers, and now I just need to start putting it altogether. I think this person on your list will love her, too.)
  17. {for some healthy bites, perfect for on-the-go}: Healthy Bites (My friend Lindsay owns this. She just created Bourbon Peanut Butter Ginger bites. 

And last, but not least, the Honey Vanilla Bourbon Peanut Butter from my baby, A Loving Spoon nut butter. We already have a few special holiday gift packs available on our site:

For the record, I believe in shopping small, not only today, but all year round.

Feel free to add your own and/or your favorite small business in the comments below. The more the merrier!


17+ Small Business Saturday Shopping Ideas

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  1. I LOVE this idea. I really enjoy small businesses as well. Thanks for so many options for me to get my wife for christmas. I would also recommend for the runner in your life, Tailwind Nutrition or Pocketfuel Naturals. Both small businesses. Such diversity as well. Thanks for so many options.
    -Alex from

  2. Aww, these are awesome ideas!!! We try to get most of our groceries from local places (everything from produce to preserves!) because I feel like it’s so important to support the people that are out there living their dream! Cheers to your business, Sarah!

  3. Thanks for the gift ideas! And I’m so sorry to hear about your Adrenal Fatigue diagnosis. I was diagnosed with it a year ago and its definitely been a year of learning and changing. Looking forward to reading about your thoughts on it.

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