I love your gutsy stories.

Reading them inspires me.

Posting them lets me know that they are about to inspire someone else as well.

Are you ready to tell your own gutsy story? Contact me, and let’s get you up!

Meet Jen….

When I think of adjectives to describe myself, gutsy isn’t usually one of them. But after reading the formal definition I thought “Heck yes, I’m gutsy!”


Adjective: Showing courage, determination, and spirit.

Gutsy is nothing more than a point of view. It’s not just about doing ballsy things or being crazy and dangerous — it’s about knowing yourself and what matters to you; about making choices that are aligned with your core values and sometimes about going against the flow.

Being gutsy is about going against the status quo and finding your own path. It’s about figuring out what moves you, what rocks your world and finding ways to incorporate that stuff into your everyday living, with intention and focused attention.

And gutsy shows up all over the place: at work, at play, in relationships, in rest. Gutsy is a way of being, and it fuels the choices you make in any and all areas of your life.

Here’s why I’m gutsy:

All my life I wanted to be a teacher. I have my Bachelors AND Masters in Education telling me I could be a teacher. But those pieces of paper didn’t necessarily land me a job as a teacher. There are no guarantees in life and this was a huge slap in the face to me when my whole life plan seemed to fade away. Years of knowing exactly what I wanted to do in life disappeared almost instantly. But then something magical happened, I realized I could still be a teacher in a different capacity. Yes, that’s right…I rediscovered my passion by going to Integrative Nutrition and became a teacher of health and wellness. Apparently the universe had this plan for me all along!

While I’m still finding my way, I have an undeniable passion for learning that has created opportunities for me I never dreamed I would have. Before starting nutrition school, I had never traveled alone. Now? I find myself flying across the country to meet and interact with people I’ve never met before.  I am learning more and more about myself than ever before.

I’m navigating the world and learning to create the life most people only dream about all while planning a wedding, learning to live with an autoimmune thyroid condition, and building my holistic health coaching business. I make gutsy decisions on a regular basis now, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. We could all afford to be a little more gutsy!

SKH Note: Jen just got engaged. Give her a big “CONGRATS!” You can find her blogging at My Inner Healthy.

Love your guts,

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