Is it safe to assume that many people made “to-go-gluten-free” part of their resolutions? If this is you, make sure you first know which gluten-free category you belong to, and then consider some simple gluten free swaps.

I have put together 15 simple, common swaps to get you started in the right direction.

Gluten Free Swaps

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Gluten Free Swaps #glutenfree #gfree #glutenfreerecipes #healthyliving

Gluten Free Breakfast Swaps

  1. Swap your regular oatmeal for gluten free oats.
  2. Swap your regular muffin for Simple Mills Muffins (Paleo) or better yet one of these muffins.
  3. Swap commercial, packaged bacon or sausage (many have gluten in them) for a homemade turkey patty or Turkey Meatloaf Muffins.
  4. Swap regular pancakes for Simple Mills Pancakes (Paleo) or Sea Salted Cinnamon Almond Butter Pancakes.

Gluten Free Lunch Swaps

  1. Swap the traditional salad dressing (most have gluten in them, but not all) for this gluten-free salad dressing {How-To Video} or try this Homemade Sweet Sage Dressing.
  2. Swap your traditional gluten-filled bread for the most delicious AIP Bread you’ve ever, never had! Recipes without quantities AIP Bread Recipe e-book via Paleo Unprocessed
  3. Swap your PB&J for one on a Paleo bread with Raspberry Jam and a nut butter to your heart’s desireFood Photography My Favorites Issue 10 PB&J

Gluten Free Dinner Swaps

  1. Swap your regular, whole wheat pasta for: quinoa, rice noodles, corn pasta, Kelp noodles, millet or buckwheat.
  2. Swap your mac ‘n cheese for this gluten-free mac ‘n cheesy.
  3. Swap your spaghetti and meatballs for these gluten-free spaghetti and Swedish meatballs.
  4. Be lazy and throw it all in the slow cooker.
  5. Instead of rolling up your chicken in a whole wheat tortilla wrap, try wrapping it up in lettuce.

Gluten Free Swaps #glutenfree #gfree #healthyliving


Gluten Free Snack Swaps

  1. Swap your Snicker’s Marathon Bar for one of my five fave bars. (Also currently obsessed with all things Quest Bars; they are not Paleo.)
  2. Swap a pre-packaged Ho Ho for a pre-packaged 100 calorie pack of raw almonds or pack or some Enjoy Life Cookies.
  3. Choose any of these 6 AIP Snacks43 Holiday Wellness and Lifestyle Gift Ideas Made in Nature Single Serve Snack Packs

Going gluten free is scary in the beginning. I get that. I’ve lived through that. But once you get through the initial shock of the can-and-can’t haves, it becomes second nature.

I now live for gluten-free cooking and baking, finding substitutions so that I’m able to eat nearly everything I want, even if there doesn’t seem like a likely swap available.

You can, too.

Want more? Grab The Gutsy Girl’s Bible: an approach to healing the gut, 3.0. Or else just start by going on a FREE 21-Day Gut Healing Inspiration Journey with me. 


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  1. Great ideas here. I clicked over to your 3 categories, and I have to say Kudos to you for your category #3! I think there is so much misinformation on gluten out there. If you don’t have any gluten insensitivity, the important part is to eat whole foods! Not necessarily gluten free. All the celebrity diet fads drive me nuts!

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