I like to give solutions not problems.

Yesterday someone made the comment to me,

“You have colitis? By reading your blog, I’d never know you have colitis.”

I responded by stating,

“I’d rather provide the solution than talk about the problem.”

The truth is that there are very few times that I talk about my colitis. In fact, really the *only* place it’s really apparent on my site is under, “MyStory.”

I would love to say I’m a ChronicBabe with sweet Jenni, but the truth is that I’m more comfortable in packing that “problem” away. I have made the conscious decision to focus my blog on solutions, not problems. And for me, this means that I talk about and provide all the ways via food and fitness that I combat my colitis and food intolerance.

I want people to come here because they want autoimmune solutions.

Solutions Not Problems

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The world is filled with people who, unfortunately, now live with Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac and other IBD/IBS issues. The *trick* is in helping them because the problem lies in the fact that we don’t want to talk about it, tell people we have it or SOL (scream-out-loud), “Help me. My body hates me. How can I feel better?”

And because I’ve been there, lived that and sought those same answers, so I write with the solution, not the problem, in mind. (And by the way, I have people confide in me nearly daily that they live with one of these, and come to this site for ideas and to me for support. And by the way #2 –> I never, ever, ever disclose who they are and what their issues might be. EVER!)

When you come here, it’s “our little secret.”

No one has to know you are searching for a solution to your problem. I’m not concerned with a million comments on my posts. I’m not concerned with how much you “share” my content on your Facebook, Twitter or any other network (I understand that in doing so someone may catch on to your secret).

I’m concerned with helping you. One person at a time. One solution closer to allowing you to feel better.

And that is why you barely know I have colitis.

I am hiding with you while truly attempting to provide solutions, not problems.

Solutions Not Problems. IBS. IBD. Autoimmune. Sarahkayhoffman.com


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  1. I read your story and a couple of posts here and I must say that you write very well and I love your attitude!

    Keep it up, Sarah! I am sure I’ll be visiting again.


    PS: Found you on Health and Medicine community on Empire Av.

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