There is another “sweep” to consider. Cleaning, natural cleaning that is. So today I’ll teach you about making your own all natural cleaning supplies, if you want more tips for cleaning visit

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{In case you missed them, here is Part I, Part II and Part III of this series.}

Making Your Own All Natural Cleaning Supplies

Updated in 2020: Check out THIS post on healthy cleaning for a healthy gut.

The best part of making my own, all natural cleaning supplies was that I didn’t have to be a mad scientist.

How? With the Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set.

Remember, we are not trying to be rock stars in every single piece of our lives. Do what you can. With cleaning, I needed the extra assistance.

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This set comes complete with

  • 2 Spray Bottles
  • 1 Mixing Container
  • Lemon Juicer that fits all 3 bottles
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Reusable stickers to label each bottle
  • Easy to follow natural cleaning guide with recipes for every room in your home

To begin with, I decided to make a kitchen/bathroom spray, a glass cleaner (the windows in her room are dirty!) and wood polish (for her dresser and crib).

My favorite part of doing this was reading through the guide. I learned how to make everything on my own, all naturally, from kitchen to laundry, general living and even dog shampoo (<– making that one soon!)

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Today I’ll share with you one of the recipes.

Window Spray

This one was my favorite to make because I have been looking for a Windex replacement. I know that some people love the smell of Windex, but I don’t. It’s gross. And it smells like chemicals. Making the window spray was simple (the recipe is in the book):

Making Your Own All Natural Cleaning Supplies Ingredients to Make Your Own Window Spray via

I used this castile soap.

How to make your own Window Spray via

It works like a charm!

All other recipes can be found in the book, which comes with the set (one of you will win it!).

Oh, but p.s. the wood polish = fantastic. Call me un-domesticated, but who knew there was more to Olive Oil than the sparkling addition to a baby spinach salad?!

Non-Toxic, Household Cleaning Kit. How to clean without chemicals. via

Now that she is here, I have made it a focus to implement only all natural cleaning in our house, in her room. Toxic chemicals are most of what standard cleaning supplies are made of. If I can do one more thing (a simple thing at that) to help rid her everyday exposure, then that’s the best I can ask of myself.

I hope you have enjoyed this series.

Lord knows I have so much more coming on our Little Legume. 

So many stories. And so much love.

Updated in 2020: Check out THIS post on healthy cleaning for a healthy gut.


{Disclosure: I was given this set and all items used in the Mighty Nest Series from Mighty Nest. I was not compensated for my thoughts. All opinions are my own. Always!}

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  1. Sarah this is so awesome! I have always been curious about that, and I was even scanning pinterest last night looking for how to….but couldnt decide which one to trust….but I know I trust you! This would be wonderful! I do not really have many cleaning tips, as I just follow along with what others do, but I do know about using newspaper to clean mirrors as they do not smear….hope that is a new tip for someone 🙂

    Have a wonderful Monday, friend! Let me know if you want some help with your training for your race 🙂 I would be happy to give you a plan/advice!

  2. I really love the mop system that you can buy from Enjo. My husband has a problem with an area not smelling “clean” after I mop, so I will add a little of my fave essential oils to the water and cleaning fibers.

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