Today I’m launching a new category, page, and feature on this website. First up, A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas.

For context, see the page under which these will all live, Gutsy Lifestyle -> Travel.

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas gut digestive wellness #travel #travelling #restaurantreview SKH

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas

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A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas CA Goodonya #travel #glutenfree #dairyfree #guthealth

A newsletter subscriber replied to my email last week and said, “GOODONYA. You must go!”

I know the Gutsy community has each other’s backs, so I went.

Incredible food, great ambiance, and A+ recommendation.

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #goodonya #glutenfree food intolerance

In case you’re going to Encinitas, CA anytime in the near-ish future, make sure to put Goodonya on the agenda.

It’s located at:

1051 S Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, CA 92024

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #goodonya #glutenfree Goodonya

About Goodonya

GOODONYA® was founded in 2001. They make Organic Food for Encinitas, the town they love. The food is 100% Non GMO / 99% Organic and as local as possible. And they believe this is the way ALL food should be. Organic and REAL.

I “met” Kris, the founder on Instagram. Sweet as pie. She was also a field hockey player, and we meshed very well. She wasn’t in on the day we ate there, but I did meet her General Manager, Christy. Also sweet as pie.

The entire staff was friendly and thorough.

A Hidden Gem

I was casually drinking a beverage and talking to my friend Dre, when my other friend Abby returned from the bathroom.

Oh my gosh. You have to see the bathroom. Your readers need to know about this!

I went in, and here is what I saw.

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #goodonya #glutenfree squatty potty

That’s right. A Squatty Potty all ready. I mean, even in Bamboo – how cool is that?

In case you don’t know what a Squatty Potty is, it’s the most basic “stool” ever that let’s you poo much easier. In fact, I have a fun post I want to do for you soon, so stay tuned.

But seriously, why doesn’t every restaurant have one?

The Menu

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #goodonya #glutenfree restaurant

This is obviously the part you came for. 

The menu is as “clean” as they come. And if you have any sort of food intolerance, you’ll be just fine eating here. 

These are their food standards.

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #goodonya #glutenfree paleo menu

And here is a peek at the menu.

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #goodonya #grainfree

I got the Veggie Bowl and added 2 (over-hard) eggs. Of course I got a beverage. Wait, I got beverages. The beverage menu is also beautiful.

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #goodonya #glutenfree traveling

For me:

  1. Water
  2. Juneshine
  3. Hydrate

Water is basic, and also acted as the vehicle for my probiotic, enzyme, and HCL.

SKH Goodonya Encinitas CA #encinitas #travel #guthealth #welness

The Juneshine is a Kombucha that contains alcohol (geez, a small amount, settle down!)

And Hydrate is a GOODONYA branded beverage that contains electrolytes and minerals. Can’t make it into the restaurant anytime soon? I also found it on Amazon HERE

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #goodonya #glutenfree hydrate

The meal and beverage combination was so good. Seriously, look at all of this delightful food.

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #goodonya #dairyfree

If you’re intolerant to eggs, don’t worry – there are many other things to choose from. Just look at the full Goodonya menu. Coconut wraps, cassava tortillas, avocado (gluten-free) toast, coconut yogurt parfaits, vegan and vegetarian salads, a probiotic-focused salad, and even bone broth.

Literally, something for every Gutsy girl out there. 

Honorable Mentions

Two other restaurants I ate at and loved (honorable mentions):

  1. Mikko Sushi in Carlsbad. Got a Poke bowl, obviously (also miso soup and a s$%^ ton of ginger!). They are one of my top 5 meals ever. Mikko was fresh, fast, and delicious! A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #pokebowl #glutenfree restaurant Mikko Sushi
  2. Nectarine Grove in Encinitas. 100% gluten free. It’s small, but super mighty. Also, this table number stand was in my branding colors. I mean, how did they even know I was coming?! A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #nectarinegrove #glutenfree restaurant Nectarine Grove

A Gutsy Girl Goes to Encinitas #travel #nectarinegrove #dairyfree restaurant Nectarine GroveAlright, now in case you missed my e-newsletter today, click HERE to read it. I think you’ll enjoy this edition. It will give you the option to voice your thoughts and opinion…..because they are great!


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  1. I don’t know how you did it but your pictures were among the best I’ve ever seen of a restaurant’s environment.

    I met a friend of mine there who used to ”run numbers” in the Bronx [ that’s in New York ] He ordered the Caprese and said it was the best he ever had. Amazing somebody in there even knew how to put one of those together.

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