I am building this blog post to be my library of the best gut healing resources, but I’d love your help.

I have put together some of my favorites, but I will continue to add to this so if I have left your favorite off, please comment on this post so I can check it out and hopefully add.

Library of the Best Gut Healing Resources

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Library of the Best Gut Healing Resources www.sarahkayhoffman.com #guthealth #healthyliving #ibs #ibd



  1. Dr. Siebecker
  2. FODMAP Life
  3. Hollywood Homestead
  4. Kate Scarlata

Gut Healing “Diet” Specific Websites and Blogs

  1. GAPS Diet
  2. Pecan Bread
  3. Robb Wolf
  4. SCD Lifestyle
  5. Specific Carbohydrate Diet
  6. The Paleo Diet
  7. The Weston A. Price Foundation

General Gut Health + Autoimmune

  1. Chris Kresser
  2. Dr. Axe
  3. Dr. Mark Hyman
  4. Dr. Sara Gottfried MD
  5. Paleo for Women
  6. Real Food Liz
  7. Sarah Wilson
  8. The Healthy Apple
  9. The Primal Parent

Health, Wellness and (sometimes) Gut-Specific Podcasts

  1. Balanced Bites
  2. Paleo for Women
  3. The Paleo Solution
  4. The Healthy Gut Podcast

You can also find a ton of resources via my Recommended Books page.

Your turn. Tell me what to add to this list.

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Library of the Best Gut Healing Resources sarahkayhoffman.com #guthealth #healthyliving #ibs #ibd

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