Lazy days of summer can be motivating for you.

Do you think that motivation only comes from doing and going? Have you ever thought that perhaps it can sometimes come from simply just being?


I don’t like to fish. I’ve never been a fisher-woman. My nieces and nephews on the other hand – they could fish all day and that still might not be enough. Well, except for our Godchild, Carlie….she just likes to reel the fish in, touch its eyeballs and ditch the scene.

I spent a brief time down on the dock with family this past weekend. Some were fishing off the dock. Others were fishing off the pontoon.

My SIL, Kelly, had her fishing pole sitting idol off the pontoon – waiting for a bite. Ryan was actively casting his fishing pole from the pontoon, reeling in some huge Crappies (ha) so Carlie could help and then touch a new set of eyeballs. I was standing there, watching the scene – no interest in participating.

Ryan continued to catch a few fish, in a short period of time. Without anyone actively behind Kelly’s idol pole, the bobber started bobbing. Kelly came over to find that yes, even as the fishing pole stood idol, a fish was ready to be reeled. Carlie helped reel it in. It felt heavy. As the fish came out of the water we soon realized that it was a “jumbo” fish – a Bullhead. Bullhead are ugly and, from what I’m told, useless. Nonetheless, another successful fish was caught.

My other niece and 2 nephews were on the dock during all this. They watched as many fish were being caught off the pontoon. Naturally, they were frustrated – they wanted to experience more bobbing, pulling, tugging, reeling and ultimately – catching. They did not stay patient in one place for longer than a few casts (if they did not get a bite).

So they toggled from dock to pontoon; from place-to-place within each platform.

Ryan made a random observation that came out in quote format,

He who changes often catches less fish.

I survived the fishing scene for maybe 30 minutes. I think that was all I needed.

Lazy days of summer can be motivating for you.

Motivation shows its face in many different colorful ways.

You can find it from doing and going. Ryan’s quote was spot on – you can also find it from simply just being, staying in one place and finding the calm.

I’m in a transition phase of my life right now. In addition to the work aspect, I’m in a 2-week “workout program” transition as well. Between the two, I thought all motivation might be slipping. It very well could, but only if I subscribe to the theory that motivation is only found in the doing and going. If I subscribe to Ryan’s theory of staying still, perhaps there will be more to gain.

Motivation can slap us in the face – in a good way – when we’re least expecting it. It’s in these solitary moments when we are able to regroup, focus and plan.

This way, when it is time to cast our reels from a different place, we are armed and ready – able to become even more motivated than ever before.


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