We are great at confusing hard with boring.

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When I was walking on an incline the other morning via dreadmill (no, not running – I’m still on 101 days with no cardio) as a warm up prior to working with my trainer, I got about 7 minutes into it and thought, “I’m out of breath. This is hard.” Right about then, my phone flashed, so I clicked it to check the text message. I responded to said text message. I looked back down, and the 10 minute warm up was up.

I didn’t even realize I had gone another 3 minutes beyond what I thought was “hard.” Why? Because it wasn’t hard (I was only going 3.5mph on a 10% incline). It was, however, boring.

We are great at confusing hard with boring.

When I was in college, I barely made it with a passing grade in Chemistry. In Marketing, A’s were almost all I ever saw. Don’t get me wrong, Chemistry is hard, but (for me) Chemistry was beyond boring. I fell asleep most classes. Again, boring, not hard.

When I first began healing my gut in 2009, I thought the task at hand was “too hard.” It wasn’t. At all. My approach to healing, though, was boring. Same thing, different day. Truth be told, if you want to know my truest success (which has come in the past few months), it’s that I began to make gut healing really un-boring. This is no longer hard.

I’m sharing this with you today because I think it’s really important that we learn to distinguish boring from hard.

Maybe life isn’t so hard, maybe you are just making it boring and maybe the sooner we end this confusion, the sooner we will all enjoy a (lack of the) endless complaining.

Love your guts,

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