Today I’m talking Make Space and Why Katie Adler is a Gutsy Girl.

Declutter your house, your office, your car, your desk, your mind. Create room for your chosen future; create space that reflects the way you want to feel.

Day 96 of 101 days of blogging. 

I have told you before, but I’m organized; not necessarily neat and tidy. Next week when life calms down a little, I have every intention of really decluttering my house, office, car, desk and mind.

For now, I’ve just gotta get through this weekend, so I’ll leave you be with another gutsy story I love.

Meet Katie….

Make Space and Why Katie Adler is a Gutsy Girl

I’m a Gutsy girl because I dared to stop wishing and start doing.

Take one look at me and you won’t notice anything extraordinary about me. I’m what one would describe as your typical, friendly “girl-next-door”.  I believe in peace over confrontation, optimism over realism and giving into the way of my heart over the often too analyzed path of logic.

Wishing. Hoping. Dreaming.  All great things, yes? Yes…and no. Surprised by that answer? Let me explain.

I used to be a dreamer, wishing days away…romanticizing of things I wanted in life or who I wanted to become. My dreams have always been simple, never extravagant. (I’m blessed to have been raised in a family that recognizes the beauty of simplicity and the richness we can feel by embracing the ones we love and holding them close to our hearts.) I dreamed days away, imagining a beautiful, simple life of health, happiness and vibrancy.

But still, because I’d labeled myself “average”, I limited myself to mediocrity. I wished and dreamed, but I didn’t believe I could make them come true. Because I viewed myself as average, I figured that wishes only came true for extraordinary people. This made me wait my way through life. Until…

My life focus completely changed when my mom was diagnosed with cancer: two forms of in two different places. When you hear “cancer” your entire perspective on life changes. I charged myself to fully embrace life, to experience what I’d always wished for, to not only dream, but to actually chase after the life I imagined.  I began to value my health, my being and I realized that I didn’t have to settle for mediocrity. I could be extraordinary by being the best me that I could be.

Wish & Whimsy was created as a reminder to ACT on my wishes, make them happen, pursue the good life with passion, purpose, confidence, and reckless abandon…sometimes. ACT on a whim. Life is too precious to waste it dreaming. Sure, acting on a whim may be a risk. But taking that risk means you are living, not taking the easy way through life. I want my life to be interesting, not boring. Easy = boring.

Though painful to watch my mother face the cancers inside of her, I have never seen anyone handled such a terrible thing with such grace and strength. And it’s because of her that I’m capable of daring to be gutsy, to take chances, to continue to wish but also act on a whim.

Since my mom can face, battle and defeat cancer, as her daughter, I literally have her genes comprised of strength and guts within me to pursue a healthy, happy life.

Wishes, though beautiful in nature, if simply left as a wish, won’t get you very far. By viewing that initial wish as my inspiration to jump-start a goal and make a dream come true, I’ve found vibrancy and motivation to fully embrace a healthy life.

Stop wishing. Start doing. Act on a whim and see where life leads.

I hope you’ll join me.

Tomorrow is day 97. Topic:

Focus on Action, Not Outcomes


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