My recommended body and personal care items are super important for the Gutsy community.

It all began when my Perioral Dermatitis escalated to the worst it had ever gotten. I finally got my Perioral Dermatitis under control, and in the process became passionate about all body and personal care items.

You can read the full Perioral Dermatitis journey HERE.

Since 2014, I have made small changes, almost daily, to my body and personal care routine.

I have done the same for my children, and I love sharing this information.

Recommended Body and Personal Care

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Recommended Body and Personal Care Items from A Gutsy Girl #skincareroutine #guthealth #healthyliving

First and foremost……Beautycounter. When in doubt, Beautycounter. Read my why HERE.

    1. Skincare
    2. Makeup
    3. Bath and Body
    4. Family

Recommended Body and Personal Care

You’ll find the FULL Master Gutsy Spreadsheet HERE

This spreadsheet is free and contains HUNDREDS of product recommendations, many discount codes, and even food products listed out by “special diet” (i.e. gluten-free, low FODMAP, etc.).

Spreadsheet tabs include:

      • Start Here – Top Savings
      • Supplements
      • Food
      • Journal Essentials
      • Online Testing
      • Makeup, Skincare, Personal Care
      • Natural Living
      • Kitchen Items
      • 100% Amazon Prime
      • Misc.
      • Purely for Gutsy Fun!
      • Holiday Baking

There is quite literally a recommendation for almost anything you are looking for on your gut health and healing journey.

Recommended Body and Personal Care, for Babies, Toddlers, and Children

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Recommended Body and Personal Care Items #bodycare #skincare #healthyliving #ewg

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