How to slow cook a whole chicken and subsequently make homemade, slow-cooked chicken broth.

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How do you make your whole chicken?

How do you make your homemade chicken bone broth?

Those are two of the most common questions I get.

I have been making my whole chicken and homemade chicken broth in a slow cooker since 2009.

The first few times I actually had anxiety doing it. I would have my husband watch me do each step to make sure I was doing it “right.”

These days, I’m on autopilot while going through the motions. I typically don’t measure things anymore because I have perfected my process. I am able to tell, visually, what ratio of ingredients will yield the best outcome.

Slow cooking your own chicken and then subsequently making your homemade, slow-cooked chicken broth is not only healing (it’s featured a ton in The Gutsy Girl’s Bible: an approach to healing the gut), but it is also extremely cost effective.

How to Slow Cook a Whole Chicken Ingredients

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